6 Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight You Probably Never Knew

improve eyesight naturally

So you are looking to improve your eyesight? Do you know that over 800 million people in the world are trying to do the same as well (CIBA Vision Statistics). Coming to your aid, in this article, we present to you some extremely useful home remedies for how to improve eyesight while never even leaving your home.

The Special Seed Mix

The “Special Seed Mix” is the personal secret behind my perfect 20/20 vision throughout all these years. To this day, I remember my mother making this powdery mix and then forcefully shoving it down my mouth every morning, before leaving to office.

It has always tasted dry and inexplicably weird with all these different sized and not exactly aesthetic constituents, but never-the-less, with all those vitamins that improve eyesight, minerals and nutrients, it is highly beneficial when it comes to improve your eyesight.

The recipe is somewhat a traditional one, and involves grounding sesame, pumpkin, gourd vegetable and fennel seeds and mixing them with almonds (ground, once again). Eating it once a day (preferably in the morning) guarantees significant eyesight improvements within a month.

Eating Smart

If you are going to have any chance of improve eyesight naturally, eating smart is an obligation. Fresh, home-made orange and carrot juice is definitely recommended as the first thing you eat when in the morning.

A viable substitute of this is mango milkshake, as it, too, provides large quantities of Vitamins that are essential for improving eyesight.

Try to add saffron when cooking food whenever possible, and also eat substantial amounts of green vegetables (especially kale and parsley) with lunch, either in the form of a salad, or in individual, raw form.

Another really great way how to improve eyesight is to gently warm Black Chebulic Myrobalan seeds in sugar syrup and eat them with warm milk. Though uncommon, it has been scientifically proven that they help to improve eyesight. Adding fish to your weekly diet will go a long way in improving eyesight as well.


Eye Relaxation Methods

Traditional sub-continental home remedies to improve eyesight without surgeries and relieving eye strains are surprisingly effective.

One particular home remedy includes the application of two to three drops of fresh and pure rosewater, or even honey in the eyes. Although this may cause discomfort, but it certainly improves eyesight. Similarly, using Eyebright oil in the same manner is known to hamper cataracts and cure impaired vision.

Passionflower, too, helps relive eye stress. Even the juices contained in cucumbers have eyesight improvement properties that are highly beneficial for those looking to improve vision.

Taking these simple eye exercises (like Eye Palming which we describe in more detail below) as a part of your daily life in 10-15 minutes for 2-3 months will also improve your eyesight and you can simply perform these eye exercises on any time without eye strain.



Both kinds of tea, green and black, contain lots of bioflavonoids that protect the eyes from harmful particles of all kinds. In addition, adding cardamon seeds to the tea broth not only adds extra flavor, but exponentially compounds the capability of tea to improve eyesight.

Other Herbs

Some other herbs that will certainly aid you in your quest to improve eyesight include Bilberry and Ginkgo. Both of these have undergone rigorous scientific research, and it has been proven that they can improve eyesight naturally and disorders such as night-blindness and retinal degeneration etc.


Eye Palming – Do it Properly and Improve Your Eyesight

If you are looking for a way how to improve your eyesight naturally and fast, especially by way of easy and effective eye exercises to improve eyesight, eye palming is one of the most important exercises to take up. Here are some important tips on how to perfect “Eye Palming”.

Relax Yourself

If you are watching the television, or playing a video game, then turn it off and loosen your body, relieving all tension (especially from the shoulders) in the eye palming process.

You would also want to sit in a comfortable chair in front of a flat table. This will allow you to place your elbows on the table, and easily support your arms.

Warm Your Hands

The best way to do this eye palming is rubbing your hands together, but fast enough so that they are neither too hot, nor too warm. You could also significantly warm your hands by holding them under warm water.

You obviously wouldn’t want them to be so hot that they scald your hands, but not too cold either so that the warmth cannot be felt.

Position Your Hands

This is arguably the most important part of the whole eye palming exercise. Place one hand on top of the other and intertwine your fingers in such a way that the pinkies, the index and the middle fingers overlap one another.

Then place this arrangement of fingers over your eyes and on your face in such a way that the palms end up over your eyes, the pinkies are over the tip of the nose, and the complex of fingers blocks any light from entering.

You can check the efficiency of this arrangement by looking up towards a light source and checking if any light is reaching through to your eyes.

Close Your Eyes and Relax

Once having perfected the hand arrangement, position it over your eyes, keeping them closed gently and then just sit in that position until your hands become cold (around 10 minutes).

The trick is to not directly concentrate on your eyes by focusing, but to just focus on your breathing rate and surroundings, allowing the heat to easily penetrate and nourish your eyes.

The best way to do this is to rid your mind of all nagging thoughts. Another great way to spend this period of time is to imagine that you are engulfed in blackness, ie. the front and back of your eyes are covered with black paint.

This will allow you to really experience not only the heat penetrating your eyes, but also your eye muscles being relaxed. It may be a psychological illusion, but it works, and is really comforting.

Repeat this Eye Palming Exercise

Performing this “Eye Palming” exercise twice a day should give you significant eyesight improvement within a time period and if you’re serious about improving your eyesight, you can consider natural clear vision to improve your eyesight in 4-6 weeks.

The “Eye Palming” exercise is, perhaps, one of the best possible exercises you can take up if you are seriously looking to improve eyesight, and these five tips should really help you ace this method.

In conclusion, incorporating these home remedies to improve eyesight in your every day routine will, with the utmost certitude, go a long way in improving eyesight naturally.

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