8 Hair Loss Myths Busted

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing for many people, both men and women. Despite the many claims to the contrary, hair transplant is the only real near-cure available. However, prevention is better than cure, and if you manage to address your hair loss issue before it falls off then there are products that can help prolong this natural outcome. These are usually in the form of anti hair-loss shampoos and lotions.

Having said that, let’s have a look at some of the main hair loss myths we usually come across.

1. Everyone in my family has gone bald, and so there is nothing I can do about it.

This may be the way that many men feel, and may be a way with dealing with the loss of their hair. The fact is that there are many factors to why you as an individual could be losing hair and even if they are genetic, there are ways to slow down or other options available to you such as hair replacement. Myth busted.

2. Pattern-baldness is a male only thing.

The reality is that it affects both men and women although generally speaking at different times in their lives. Male-pattern baldness tends to start early in than with women, even as young as people in their 20s. For women it does not normally start until later in their lives, such as in their 50s. Myth busted.

3. There is a cure for baldness.

Up until this time there is no concrete evidence of any cure for baldness. Just recently some doctors on Australian TV have said, once again, that they think they are close to curing baldness, with the use of stem-cell technology. They did also note that it would be at least another 10 years away. Myth busted.

4. Women only go bald if they are ill or old.

The level of hormones in a woman or man’s body can affect hair loss. Many women suffer from hair loss related to child birth. Myth busted.

5. Transplanted hair grows across your head like grass.

There is no net gain of hair, only a re-distributing of the hair you currently have – potentially there could be some hair loss through trauma caused to the hair. If you don’t have enough donor hair other forms of hair replacement may be more suitable.

6. All hair transplants are the same.

The key to all hair transplants is the skill of the hair replacement surgeon. Not all surgeons are artist’s and not all are highly skilled. Your hairline is a master-piece or a disaster waiting to be created – a permanent one too.

The correct orientation and direction of the hair is critical to a successful and good looking hair the way you want it. Myth busted.

7. You are more likely to go bald if you have thin hair.

Baldness is mostly caused by a genetic condition and has nothing to do with the thickness of each individual hair. Hair thickness and baldness are not related. Myth busted.

8. Wearing a hat all the time will cause baldness.

Hats themselves do not directly cause baldness. They may increase hair breakage and not cleaning and maintaining a healthy scalp is not directly related to wearing a hat. The fact is that many men that are balding start wearing hats to cover their hair loss and it is not the cause.

Hats are actually good since they protect your scalp and hair against UV rays. Myth busted.

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