9 Tips to Start Your Career as a Hairdresser or Barber

starting barber career

The hair stylist profession requires preparation, passion and some good advice given by those who for years work with the beauty and the wellbeing of the hair.

So, what does it take for a young man who wants to undertake the profession. Like most other ventures in life, nothing happens unless you have dreamed it before and are ready to make it your mission. Determination and hard work will take you far, however may not be enough.

Here are 5 tips to get you started on the right foot and increase your chances of success:

1) Awareness.

First, if you want to undertake this profession, know that the hair stylist must have an “elective affinity” with hair, because the hair is what we’re all about after all.

Are you aware? Answer these questions to understand how much the profession is doing for you: Do you love being with others? Do you have the right empathy to care for your beauty and beauty through your hair?

2) Choose your teacher.

The truth is that if there is a great master behind a great student, and behind a great master there is a wonderful pupil! Only when the “magic” between student and teacher happens will true learning be achieved!

3) Choose and follow a technological, simple and analytical method

Choose the most suitable method for your aptitude. Have and practice great discipline especially in the most trying and difficult moments. “I can’t do it” should not be part of your vocabulary. With commitment and constancy the things that cannot be done are very few and far between!

Training, practice and following hair cutting advice blogs and posts, like this , to expand your knowledge and ideas is the real secret of the great hairstylists.

Make friends with older

generation barbers and hair stylists and hear what they have to say. Their experience can teach you alot.

4) It is not a craft encoded in working hours, but in passion and self-motivation.

The customer is the king or Queen and your true employer. They will give you the salary you will deserve through their repeat business. They will make or break you, so show them you deserve their trust and respect and they will keep setting foot in your shop.

5) Answer this question with sincerity: Are you attracted to the fashion world?

Hair style is the art of balancing between fashion, the evolution of the collective trend and the needs of the clients. Each of which has a unique style and the diversity of the person will need to be kept in mind.

6) Do not be afraid to go counter current and follow your passion.

Respect for and love of the profession is the basis, but talent is not enough, over the years you will gain insight and you should not be afraid to follow your instinct that is based on your accumulated experience.

If this feels right!

7) Every client has their own beauty.

Instead of just following the trends, it’s best to evaluate what’s good for every customer, because at the end of the day the client is not their for the hair cut in itself but for the outcome. The look to make him or her feel their best self.

8) Going out of the hairdresser must be an experience.

Don’t think about the bottom line, your earnings, but to develop a 360-degree salon, providing customers with “a real wellness and beauty experience”.

9) Invest in Your Tools

If you’re going to take this career step seriously you need to invest in the best tools possible. These are your day to day working equipment. They will make your life as easy or as hard depending on how good or bad they are.

Apart from that a cheap hair tool will give bad results and as a consequence may hurt your reputation as a barber. So invest in your profession and go for the most reliable brands out there. The best barber clippers, for example will make a difference on how your fade cut will turn out and how happy the customer will be.

Remember this profession relies a lot on repeat customers and word of mouth promotion.

Concluding Video

Now if you have 30 minutes to spare, I really suggest you see the following youtube clip on how you can turn your career around. Adrian is a real life example of how your passion can give you opportunities in this profession.

Enjoy and Good Luck

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  1. This was a great read and I would have never guessed that there was so much to consider when becoming a barber or hairdresser. However, I do agree that you need to choose a good teacher first. After all, you will want to make sure that you have someone skilled and experienced that you can learn the craft from.

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