Acne in Adults and How to Cure it

Acne is a skin disorder that normally occurs when adolescents ages nine and above go through puberty. When the hormones stabilize, usually around nineteen, acne usually goes away. However, it is not at all unusual for acne to continue into the twenties or beyond. This condition is known as adult acne.

There are many different methods today that can serve as an adult acne cure. A few natural cures include changing your personal hygiene, changing your diet, and applying different acne medications and ointments.

Acne Signs And Symptoms

Acne is normally characterized as a skin condition accompanied with the presence of oily skin. This condition usually is accompanied with the presence of whiteheads and blackheads, inflamed lesions, red or yellow areas on the skin due to the accumulation of pus, and acne scars.

A dermatologist may need to see you several times if your case of acne is really severe. This is a very expensive method to treat acne. A dermatologist can prescribe stronger medication, but it will typically be more expensive than the ones you can get at your local pharmacy.

The treatment of acne scars which may result from long-term acne may require an entirely different adult acne cure. In the process of healing, the scars will be seen as dark spots or deep lesions. These dark areas are indications that your acne has matured and are on their way out.

Treating Acne

There are several different treatments that act as an adult acne cure. It is typical to find medications that will be successful in treating adult acne over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. The treatments which contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are very popular adult acne cures.

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Before applying the cream or ointment, the acne patient’s skin should be thoroughly cleaned. The purpose of this process is to make sure that the affected areas have been cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil that has accumulated in these areas. It is important to apply the medications on the surface of your skin many times daily to control the acne symtoms.

Additional means of treating severe adult acne cases may require a visit to your dermatologist and include prescriptions of antibacterial medication or hormone therapy. In order to attack specific bacteria in the affected regions, antibacterial medications will be prescribed. If your endocrine system is not functioning properly, hormone therapy may be needed.

Other adult acne treatments include using laser lights to help dry the skin and get rid of bacteria, which is a common cause of acne.

Another cause of adult acne is poor personal hygiene. Properly cleaning any affected area is necessary for the prevention of acne. Washing with mild soap and warm water is a preventive measure that should be performed several times per day.

Changing your diet is another factor that may be required to eliminate adult acne. It is important to cut out any oily or greasy food to help cure the adult acne. Water should be added to your diet in large quantities to help detoxify your body and help it maintain hydration. One way to help detox your body is to drink plenty of water.

Since it may take a few months to see results, it is important that the acne sufferer remain patient. Some of the adult acne cures that provide instant results can be very harsh on your skin and cause it to dry out. The ultimate desire of all adult acne cures is to leave you with fresh, smooth, healthy looking skin.


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