American Crew Fiber Review – Is this the Best Hair Styling Product?

This post is my personal review of the American crew fiber product. I have been using it for quite some times now, and I have decided to write about it, I would also share some important tips about hair styling as I review the American crew fiber product.

Generally, hair styling is an interesting morning rituals that I enjoy doing every day. It’s not just about the compliment I get from people when I rock my hair stylishly, styling my hair also gives me some sort of confidence as I step out of my door every morning. We all have a reason for doing something; and those are mine for dedicating ample amount of time every morning to work on my hair before stepping out.

While I don’t have the celebrity kind of look (Most people go for Justin Bieber or Ryan Gosling styling), I do have a hair style that I love so much, and dedicate enough time to keep it shining with good texture.

There are three things I usually look into when buying a hair styling products. The name of the brand is not really a priority for me; in as much as the product would get the job done as appropriate. Once the product passes the three criteria, then I will not hesitate in investing my money to get the product.

There is a catch however; of the three products testing criteria, only two of the can be ascertain before actual usage. What this means is that; I have gotten several product that looks good, because they passed the first two criteria, but on continuous usage, I discovered they are not what I really want for my hair.


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What are the criteria that I look into when getting my hair styling product?

  1. Hold
  2. Shine
  3. Texture.

Call it the HST test if you want.

Hold: From various brands; there are generally two categories of hold; we have the high hold and medium hold. Don’t worry about the use of terms; I will explain as much as I can.

High hold simply means, the product would do it’s best to keep your hair styled in the direction you choose. Medium hold on the other hand allows the hair to follow it’s natural direction loosely.

In simple words, when you use a high hold product, you hair would remain in the position to which you styled it for a longer period of time compared to when you use a medium hold product which would generally allow the hair to take it’s natural course over time.

The most important thing here is the usage. Be it high hold or medium hold products (there are no low hold product; at least the companies don’t call it that), the amount applied to your hair determines the longetivety of it’s action. You should also not take the word used by the producing company too serious, it’s all marketing gimmick and don’t be surprised if a supposed high hold product of a particular brand does the same work as a medium hold product of another brand.

Shine: The shine factor comes in three major varieties; the high, medium and low shine varieties. I said three (3) major varieties because we have Matte variety as well, and this is where the American Crew Fiber falls into.

The shine factor of a particular product depends mainly on how much of the product you apply when styling your hair.

If you use a medium shine variety excessively on your hair, you would eventually end up with a high shining hair, on the other hand, if you use a high shine variety moderately, your hair won’t come off as over styled which is a good thing in my own opinion.

Most people I know (myself inclusive) opt for the medium shine variety, this is solely because I can increase the usage amount to achieve what a high shine variety would do and vice-versa to achieve what a low shine variety would do.

The medium shine variety sort of sits in the middle of the three varieties.

But here is a quick note on the American Crew Fiber product before I move on…

The American crew fiber does not fall into any of the distinct categories listed above. It’s classified as a very low shine product (according to the product description), and it ALMOST fits into the matte category. This makes the hair look as natural as possible, and I consider this one of the selling point for American crew fiber.

american crew fiber

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Texture: On the texture end, i’d like to quickly point out that there are varieties of texture description for various products. So much that they might bore you out if I choose to list them out here.

What you should know however is that, the term texture as far as hair styling product is concerned generally refers to the “feel” of the product in you hand, this is against the general assumption that the texture describes what your hair texture would look like after usage.

So of the three criteria, it’s easy to determine the texture simply by looking at the product, you can take the word of the manufacturer for their shine description, but the hold factor isn’t that easy to detect unless you use the product in varying amount.

American Crew Fiber Proper Product Review:

Since I have successfully explained the criteria for choosing a hair styling product, I would review the American Crew Fiber product based on the three criteria.

Hold:  Although the product description says “high hold”, the product to me falls in the category of medium hold. This might be because I do not use it excessively on my hair. So if you stay within the moderate usage level, It would fall into the medium hold category because it eventually allows your hair to fall back into its natural direction during the course of the day.

The good side to this is that; you can tone hold it’s holding capability by increasing the amount applied to your hair.

And thankfully, it’s a low shine product, so you don’t have to worry about your hair looking over styled.

Shine: Like I mentioned earlier, the American crew fiber is a low shine product based on product description, but when not used excessively, it falls into the matte category.

Texture: It has a hard and dry texture right from the container. But when you rub against you palm and apply little friction, it becomes very soft and easy to work into your hair.

On the bonus end, the American crew fiber has a fruity (orange) smell which makes it a great option as regards to smell.

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