We Review the Andis Master Hair Clipper

Andis Master Hair Clipper review

With more men putting in a little bit more effort in hair grooming over the last several years, it is not surprising that more companies are putting in new features and materials into their products.

From previously just having corded hair clippers, you can now get ones that are cordless (check out the difference here) to clippers that are made from plastic for a lighter unit to ones that are made with high-quality materials like aluminum.

As the need for good quality, effective, sturdy yet well-designed hair clippers increases so does the amount of hair clippers available in the market today.

It is no longer just about looking for one that does the job, it is now also important to look at clippers that feels good and looks good. One such well-looking clipper which we review here is the Andis Master Hair Clipper.

Andis 01557 Professional Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver, Chrome
3,748 Reviews
Andis 01557 Professional Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver, Chrome
  • Perfect for all-around cutting and tapering
  • Powerful, magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute
  • Blade is adjustable from fine to coarse size 000 to size 1 and can be 0 gapped

The Andis Master Hair Clipper is made with aluminum that can withstand every day wear and tear. It features carbon-steel blades that can be adjusted for all types of hair from fine to coarse.


  • Brand: Andis
  • Aluminum housing
  • Carbon-steel blades
  • High speed motor
  • Product Dimension: 2 x 1.8 x 6 inches; 1 pound



Probably one of the best features of the Andis Master Hair Clipper is its aluminum housing. It is definitely sturdy enough that it can survive day-to-day wear and tear.

Since aluminum is such a strong material you can expect that this unit will last you for many years to come. The magnetic motor of this hair clipper is quite powerful giving you some a precise cut which is quite ideal for all-around outlining and fading. No wonder it took the number 1 spot in our best clippers for fades post.

A few people who have reviewed and used the Andis Master Hair Clipper found that it is great for cutting different lengths and for trimming or styling your hair and beard.

It has the versatility to cut even hair lengths without the need to adjust with a pair of scissors. The switch on the side is quite handy as well as it makes turning this particular hair clipper on and off a breeze.


A few who have reviewed and used the Andis Master Hair Clipper found that the motor can heat up a little, particularly when using it for several minutes.

If you spend 30 minutes or more trimming your hair, then expect the motor to start warming up. They mentioned that you have to turn off the unit to ensure that it does not overheat and for the motor not to get burned up.

Some also of their Andis Master making a loud noise. This is because the motor vibration tends to create a buzzing noise which is sometimes too loud to bear.

A simple tightening of the screw on the side should minimize that noise. To adjust this, first clean and oil the clipper blade, then turn the small screw found at the side of your Andis clockwise. Do this while the clipper motor is running and keep going until the noise disappears. Make sure not to tighten it too much, however as this can limit the movement of the blade. Therefore it is important to tighten only until you get the noise at a comfortable level for you.

Here’s a quick video that shows you exactly how to do this;


Although the aluminum housing is great in terms of sturdiness and durability, it can be quite heavy.

A few who have reviewed this clipper found that because of its weight it is not as conducive to be used for extended periods of time since your hands can start cramping because of its heaviness.

You may have to rest your arm every so often while trimming your hair. They also found that the motor can heat up a bit after several minutes of use.

It does have the tendency to get hot and possibly overheat if you are not efficient with your cutting techniques; or when you use the Andis Master Hair Clipper continuously for a long time.


The Andis Master Hair Clipper is a sturdy, durable hair clipper that can give you the flexibility and versatility of creating different hairstyles.

It provides good even length cuts and is great for tapered cuts. There are some issues with the motor heating up when in use for long periods of time so you may end up with having to keep turning it on and off to avoid overheating.

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