The Best Hair Clippers for 2023

two of the best hair clippers next to each other

Let’s take a look at the Best Hair Clippers sold on Amazon sales. This list of the top 10 hair clippers is updated daily so it includes the most recent customer reviews and prices, as …

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How to Use Gel on Hair

How to Use Gel on Hair banner

Adding gel to your hair is for one purpose only, and that is; Styling your hair! However their are ways and ways on how to use gel on hair. Gelling your hair works wonders especially …

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Best Liner Clippers for Stylists

hair stylist using liner clippers to cut hair

When it comes to developing more luxurious hairstyles and beard designs, most stylists will reach for their liner clippers. Instead of using traditional clippers, these innovative devices give you the precision and control you need …

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Conair Hair Clipper Review – 22 Piece kit

conair-hair clipper review

There has always been a discussion about the differences between a corded and a cordless hair clipper and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both. Although both are relatively closely related, there are some differences between …

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Best Hair Clippers for Home Use

man using one of the best hair clippers for home use to cut his hair

While some people love to go to the salon and get a new haircut every few weeks, that costly experience isn’t for everyone. Many prefer to control and style their hair at home, and that …

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Andis Master Clippers Review

review of the andis-master-hair-clipper

With more men putting in a little bit more effort in hair grooming over the last several years, it is not surprising that more companies are putting in new features and materials into their products. …

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