Best Back Shaver – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

If you are a well-groomed gentleman but don’t know what to do with excessive back hair, then you are for sure on the market for a back shaver. In fact, most men who are into manscaping count the back as amongst the most important part of the body to keep up. Not only does keeping your back groomed help with your wardrobe, but most ladies do not appreciate a thick rug on their man’s back.

That is why having a good back shaver is vital to your manscaping routine. But which one is the best? There are many options out there, and since the back is not an easy target, you will need to consider all the factors. Things like the power source, the length of the handle, and the head’s flexibility are all things that play a crucial part in what makes a good back shaver.

In this review, we will look at some of the best back shavers of 2019 in order to help you find just the right option for your grooming needs.

Best Back Shaver Reviews

  1. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Our first entry is a long-handled, flexible ended option from MANGROOMER. Fitted with everything you need to craft a high-quality groomer, this model is easily one of the best options for the well-groomed man.


The MANGROOMER Pro Back Shaver is built for ultimate efficiency and to do that the design has been fitted with great features and benefits. Some of these features and benefits include:

  • Designed with a flexible long-reaching handle
  • Increased performance from the Power Burst button
  • Enhanced battery life both over time and immediately
  • Multiple attachments for better shaves
  • Crafted with an adjustable shock-absorbent flex neck
  • Simple and ergonomic designed handle
  • Built-in quick charge capability
  • Easy to clean

The back is hard to reach as we all know. Just try to reach that itch just below the shoulder blade without a tool. That is a simple itch; now imagine you are trying to shave it, that is why the length and flexibility of this shaver is such a great benefit to the well-groomed man. The fact it charges rapidly and comes with multiple attachments will only serve to heighten the performance of this back shaver. Then there is the Power Burst button which will help along with the shock absorbency with the uneven hair (both in length and coarseness) and the landscape of the back area.

Though it charges rapidly, it also loses that charge quickly, and that means you may want to work quickly. There have also been some reports of loose hinges when in a locked position. The only other thing that some recent buyers take issue with is the price.

None of these issues is a universal issue, and that means if you want a high-grade tool to help you with your grooming needs, you could be well suited to make the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Saver your choice.


  • Enhanced reach
  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Good flexibility for better blade contact
  • Rapid charging capabilities
  • Head is shock absorbent
  • Built-in Power Burst button


  • When locked the hinge is a little loose
  • Low attery life
  • Price is a bit steep
  1. BAKblade 2.0 Elite Plus

Our next entry comes with a unique shape and the ability to give a man a good shave, whether using a wet or dry shave. The BAKblade 2.0 is easily one of the best groomers on the market.


Another great option for your manscaping needs, the BAKblade is built to be a tool any guy can use. Built with some of the best features available on the market, this model will meet and exceed any guy’s expectations. To make this model one of the best options on the market, the designers have included the following features:

  • Designed with an S-shaped ergonomic handle
  • Doesn’t require any power to work
  • Optimized performance in both wet and dry shaves
  • High-quality blades that are corrosion resistant
  • Built with a blade that offers the closest shave possible
  • Easy to replace blades

A great tool that will be able to be used in multiple ways, that is what the BAKblade 2.0 does. With the ability to be used on multiple body parts with its unique S-shape, this groomer gives improved performance and a closer shave than most of its competitors. The easy to replace blades mean that upkeep and maintenance are easy too, and that is a nice touch.

Though it does offer a close shave, it is not as close as it could be around areas that have a bony area like the shoulder blades. The durability of the proprietary cartridges also seems to be a point of contention.

Though there are a few issues that arise from reviews from customers, overall this back groomer gets a big thumbs up.


  • Great shave on multiple body parts
  • Great reach
  • Simple and ergonomically designed
  • Price is affordable
  • Suitable for either wet or dry shaves
  • Blades are easy to replace


  • Issues with blade durability
  • Can nick bony areas
  • Only able to use proprietary blades cartridges

Our last entry is an easy glide, wide-bladed groomer from MANBLADE PRO. Fitted with a universal blade cartridge and a well-crafted blueprint, this groomer offers so much, we would have been remiss not to include it on our list of the best groomers for men’s backs.


Looking for a manscaping tool that is crafted to work on a wide surface like the back? This can be a hard to reach and part of the body to shave, but with the MANBLADE PRO, you will not have to worry about that. With the attention to detail, the design team has crafted a high quality and super-efficient piece of grooming equipment. These features include:

  • Built-in technology that increases the shave quality with easy glide
  • Compatible with many types of razor blades
  • Large blade for a wider area
  • Longer reach with a nonslip grip

The wider headed design gives a better shave, and the inclusion of easy glide technology means that any man can become a well-groomed specimen. Then when you add the fact that you can use any blade cartridge, these options come to be one of the most versatile back shavers out there.

The only flaw with this groomer according to many recent buyers is the price. Though even with that, when you look at what you get, you will see the advantages of making this your go-to back shaver.


  • Designed with a wide head
  • Able to be refilled with any blade cartridge
  • Easy-glide razor


  • Price is a little high

Now that you have three options to choose from, you will be able to find the right one for your back grooming needs.

Final Thoughts

Making sure you look good and feel good can be done with a good grooming routine. And a good grooming routine should always include shaving the back. In order to do that you want a high-quality shaver that will leave you with a smooth, hairless back ready for your’s and your significant other’s approval. Hopefully, with the options above, you have found the one that will work for you and give you that look you are trying for.


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