Best Waterproof Hair Clippers. Shower and Trim in one Session.

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The Male Grooming industry has recently come out with various models of water resistant gadgets. With products likes waterproof nose hair trimmers, Wet & Dry Electric Razors, and electric shavers, waterproof hair clippers, shower grooming has become very possible.

'Shower grooming' (and this is not a term I made up myself, check it out) is when you take care of all your male grooming needs directly in the shower, and I'll tell you; it's extremely convenient!

In this post I will be reviewing the three best waterproof hair clippers available on the market.

Waterproof Hair Clippers. Shower Time!

Before we go ahead and review the best waterproof hair cutting machines, I can tell you that there is a whole debate on whether it's better to cut your hair while wet or dry, however we won't get into this here. 

What I will tell you is that there are some real benefits gained from choosing wet and dry trimmers.

Hair clippers and trimmers that can be used in wet conditions, give you the obvious advantage of cutting your hair while taking a shower. This means that the wet hairs will not get dispersed all over the bathroom floor and sink.

It will therefore be much easier for you to clean after the job is done.

Another benefit of water resistant hair cutting and shaving machines is that you can use them together with the various shaving gels, foams or lotions available on the market.

This makes it easier and more comfortable to cut the hair. The only issue is that you might get your clipper or trimmer all messy, but hey, it’s waterproof! Just run it under the shower and it will get cleaned up in seconds.

Now, we need to clarify one thing before we continue. All waterproof hair clippers are in fact cordless, since you obviously don't want to go into a shower holding a gadget that's plugged into an electric outlet. However, not all wireless hair clippers are waterproof.

I'm clearing this out since I noticed that when searching for best waterproof clippers, most results that popped up were relating to cordless clippers, which is not correct. In fact we have a completely different list for the best cordless hair clippers which you can find here.

Now that's clarified we can continue on to our reviews; and rest assured that the three clippers we mention in this post can be used in both wet and dry situations.​

Review of the 3 Best Waterproof Hair Clippers for Shower Grooming

Now that we understood why you should consider investing in a waterproof grooming gadget, let’s take a more detailed look at the wet and dry hair clippers we think are currently the best on the market.

Panasonic ER224S Review

Panasonic ER224S waterproof hair clipper

When we talk about men’s personal grooming goods, the Panasonic brand will often crop up since they have some excellent products in this sector. The Panasoni ER24S Trimmer is definitely one of these.

This is one of the best cordless, waterproof trimmer, yet it is a reasonable priced model that most people can easily add to their personal grooming kits.

Apart from using it as a precision hair clipper, the ER224S can also serve as a facial hair and body hair trimmer.

Panasonic ER224S - Review Summary

A cordless, waterproof trimmer that can be used on the head and body, offering real precision cutting.

  • Sturdy Body .
  • Stainless steel Blades
  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Less Noisy then most other Clippers.
  • The Guard is a bit flimsy and it might break off easily.
  • Does not allow for a close shave option.
Panasonic ER224S waterproof hair clippers shower

Overall Rating



Battery Life

The unit casing has a sleek ergonomic design, with a black and silver color code, a power switch on the front and an LED light that will show you when it’s time to recharge the batteries, which is quite handy.

Many gadgets on the market don’t have this feature, which means you either get the device running out of batteries in in mid job, or else you end up charging it after every use to make sure that it will do the job next time round.

Panasonic ER224S waterproof hair clippers shower4

The attachable length comb can be adjusted for various sizes by turning the large dial right or left. This will move the comb up or down to increase or decrease your preferred hair trimming length.

The best part is that there are fourteen different lengths that you can obtain by moving this dial.

This model has spring-loaded, stainless steel, precision blades installed on it which are set at the 45 degree angle, which is the optimum cutting angle for blades.

With this combination the blades on the ER224S should get the job done with one pass of the trimmer over the hair. It will also work well on all types of hair, thick or thin.

Now, for the best part of this hair clipper; you can opt to use it in both wet or dry conditions. This means you can trim and cut your hair either while your hair is still dry, or else you can use it directly in the shower when you’re wet.

This hair cutting machine is water resistant and therefore will not get damaged if it gets wet, and can also be used directly on wet hairs.

It is so water proof that you can also use it while in the bath tub. Now if you’re using the ER224S in wet conditions, it is important to make sure that the device is not connected to any electric outlet at the time.

As with any water resistant machine, the best part of this device is probably the ease of cleaning it after use. I just ran my Panasonic ER224S Trimmer under the running water in the shower and washed the entire device without any issues.After a quick shake to get any remaining water out of the internal mechanisms and drying it off with a towel, it was all clean and ready for next time’s use.

Panasonic ER224S waterproof hair clippers

This product pack, however also comes with a cleaning brush which is ideal to help you clean the hairs off the guards and blades if you’re using it in a dry conditions. As with most clippers, the Panasonic model also supplies the lubricating oil in the box, so that you can maintain your trimmer blades in optimum working condition.

Now unlike some other rechargeable machines on the market, the Panasonic ER224S will also operate while connected by cable to an electricity outlet.

This means that if you didn’t notice that the machine’s battery were running low, and you now need to use it, you don’t necessarily have to wait for it to charge before using it. Just plug it into a wall socket and start trimming while it’s plugged in.

Obviously in this case do not use it in wet conditions (ie in a shower or in the bath).

It takes around eight hours to charge the ER224S in full and this will give you approximately fifty minutes of cordless use.

waterproof hair clippers shower

The Panasonic ER224S is a very affordable hair clipper and has extremely good reviews online which I completely agree with after trying it out for myself.

I would definitely recommend this clipper and trimmer for anyone who needs a multi-purposes hair cutting machine for the head, face and body, and which can be used directly within the shower thanks to its waterproof casing.

It really makes your grooming routine more efficient and flexible. When you purchase the Panasonic ER224S, a standard box set will include the machine, a cleaning brush, one small bottle of blade lubricant oil, and an AC charger.

Remington PG6250 WetTech waterproof hair clippers shower5

Remington is another popular brand for male grooming tools, and their wet and dry model, the PG6250 WetTech Head, Beard, and Body Grooming Kit is one of their flagship products.

This clipper is a fantastic all-in-one solution for total body hair removal.

With its blue/black plastic body, this wet and dry hair cutting machine is 100% waterproof and can therefore be used in cordless mode.

Remington has patented this feature with the terms “WetTech”.

Remington PG6250 WetTech - Review Summary

An all-in-one wet and dry machine that can handle all your hair grooming needs.

  • Can be used to trim and shave all parts of the body.
  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Hypo-allergenic blades means it's ideal for those with sensitive skin..
  • Effective non-slip grip.
  • Short Handle makes it difficult to reach certain areas.
  • The clipper head is smaller than average which means you need to pass over the area more times to trim the hair. 

Overall Rating



Battery Life

The ‘WetTech’ feature allows you to use it in water without damaging the device. Grooming yourself in the shower or bath means you can apply shaving foam, lotions or gels to your body or head and use the device directly on the lathered skin which will give you a more comfortable shaving or trimming experience.

Remington PG6250 WetTech waterproof hair clippers shower6

The hair trimmer has a circular power button in the front and comes with various attachments that can fit on the head of the shaver to adjust it for the different parts of the body that you want to groom.

The non-slip rubberized grip on the sides and backs which ensures you can handle the clippers with ease and manoeuvre it as you wish along your head or body.

Once you’re ready you can hang it in the shower or bathroom wall thanks to the convenient hook found at the bottom of the trimmer.

Remington PG6250 WetTech waterproof hair clippers shower4

The stainless steel blades that are built in the Remington PG6250 WetTech Head, Beard, and Body Grooming Kit are high quality hypo-allergenic blades. Hypo-allergenic blades are essential to minimize discomfort and razor burn on the skin.

Stainless steel blades are sharper and last longer then the nickel blades found in cheaply made clippers and trimmers. They also enable you to cut thicker hair more effectively.

At the top part of the Remington PG6250 we find a metal trimming head. On this head you can attach any one of the five plastic combs of different lengths that come in the box when you purchase this model.

Remington PG6250 WetTech waterproof hair clippers shower2

Choose the comb size you need and simply snap it on the clipper head to trim your hair to the desired length. The combs can also be used to trim your beard.

Alternatively the clipper also comes with a foil-style shaving head which you can use for a clean shave of the face.

The Remington PG6250 has a rechargeable lithium battery that powers the motor. Unfortunately the clipper does not come with a charging stand but just a charging plug and cord.

A full charge will give you around sixty minutes of usage time which should be more than enough for what you need to do. Thanks to its LED battery indicator, which can be found within the power button, you can easily know when your battery power is running low.

One of the coolest features of this model is its worldwide auto voltage which adapts to different electricity volts and therefore can be used wherever you are abroad or at home.

Online reviews of the Remington PG6250 are quite positive with many customers who purchased the product giving it a rating above 4 stars, and I tend to agree with the crowd on this one.

Remington PG6250 WetTech waterproof hair clippers shower3

With the Remington PG6250 WetTech Head, Beard, and Body Grooming Kit, you can easily get all your hair cutting grooming needs taken care of with one machine.

What’s more; you can do it all in the shower or bath which means you don’t get hairs all over the floor and therefore it’s extremely easy to clean after use.

Old Spice waterproof Hair Clipper shower2

This Hair Clipper is one of the models within the range of men’s personal grooming products created out of the collaboration of the very popular Braun and Old Spice brands.

The Old Spice Hair Clipper powered by Braun is a rechargeable, cordless clipper that can be used in wet or dry conditions.

With a full size head and ultra sharp blades, these clippers make cutting your hair fast and very easy. You won’t experience any pulling or tugging of the hair while trimming.

The body is made of hard plastic with a red/black color code and has a long, slender design. The long body will allow you to easily reach the back of your head. It can also be used to trim your beard.

Old Spice Hair Clippers - Review Summary

Powerer by Braun, these hair clippers are easy to use and extremely effective.

  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Ultra-sharp Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Can be used corded and cordless
  • StyleLock Comb means ther is no need attach different combs to achieve the desired length.
  • They have a Short Battery life when used in cordless mode, compared to similar hair cutting machines.
Old spice hair clippers review

Overall Rating



Battery Life

Old Spice waterproof Hair Clipper shower3

A full charge of the Old Spice Hair Clippers will give you around forty minutes of use. If the power runs out in mid trim, however, you don’t have to worry because this clipper can also work while plugged in a wall socket. Therefore just attach the power cord and continue trimming with the cord attached.

Like all hair clippers featured in this post, the Old Spice Hair Clipper is also waterproof and therefore can be used in wet or dry conditions.

These hair clippers are very easy to use, especially because they don’t come with a sack of attachments that need to be changed each time.

Why? Because they have the patented StyleLock comb.

Old Spice waterproof Hair Clipper shower4

This is an adjustable comb located at the head of the clipper that can be adjusted for different lengths.

A long black switch can be moved up or down to adjust the length of the clipper head comb. When you find the length you desire, the switch locks into place, so you get an accurate cut.

There are eight length settings you can choose, from 3 mm up to 24 mm (0.12 inches to 0.94 inches).

The box comes with the Hair Clipper, the clipping comb, and the standard lubricating oil for the blades, and a cleaning brush and the charging cord.

Online reviews from customers who purchased the Old Spice Hair Clipper powered by Braun are extremely positive, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Old Spice Hair Clipper powered by Braun is a solid product that will allow you to easily trim any type of hair, even the thickest hair type. Thanks to its waterproof body it can be used on both wet or dry hair and is easily washable.

And too finish this post with a laugh. Check out the Old Spice hilarious commercial with Terry Crews.

So, which one will you choose. These are all top performing waterproof hair clippers and we are sure that you will be satisfied whichever one you go for, however make sure that it has all the features which are important for your particular needs. 

Here's a quick look at all three once again.

We hope you agree with our top three recommendations, however there are many more waterproof clippers and trimmers on the market. So, just in case you want to look at a larger range of options available, you can check out the most popular Waterproof Hair Clippers below.

The Absolute Best Hair Clippers

Here at we review all the Hair Clippers and Trimmers available on the market.

Slowly but surely we're building a list of our absolute favorite makes and models available for you to buy. Check out our Guide to Choosing the ideal Mens Hair Clippers for your needs..

You also get a quick guide on what to look out for when choosing the perfect Hair Clippers for your needs.​

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  1. Great article except for two words you seem to have missed out. Clogged drains! Would it not be a disaster for the drains to be flushing hair straight down them. Research (read Google) says that short as well as long hair can be a threat to the reliability of plug holes. Seems strange that razor companies say it is OK. Whereas plumbing companies don’t on the whole recommend the disposal of hair down shower drains. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Rob, good observation and you’re right, I should have mentioned something about the possibility of clogged drains. To be honest I noticed that when trimming or shaving in the shower, most of the hairs seems to stick to the ceramic shower base. I then just swipe a piece of paper napkin over the hairs and they stick to it and just throw it in the bin. Having said this, if you’re really afraid of clogging the drains there is a very easy and cheap solution, which is the TubShroom. This is a Drain Protector or Hair Catcher, if you like that can easily fit on any drain outlet. It can actually be quite convenient for clening up afterwards since you just hose the hairs towards the drain and then empty the protector directly in the bin.

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