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big red beard products reviews

Big Red Beard is a brand for the modern man who knows how to take care of his beard and understands the art of grooming.

They have been in the business of beard grooming for many years, and their range of products is used by only the finest of menfolk.

This brand is mainly known for their beard comb and Beard Oil. Big Red Beard have a range of three of these beard oils namely Dillinger, Noble and Factory.

I just love the Big Red brand and if they also had a beard trimmer in their range of products I would probably get that too!!


Big Red Beard Combs

Big red beard combs come in a variety of designs. The most renown is No. 9. For all the men who have a problem choosing the best beard comb, gentlemen, take No. 9.

The No.9 is manufactured with a laminated expertise, which certifies that your comb is made as strong as possible.

The comb is built from an aggregate of five layers, with two of the inner layers, running vertically to the surface layers to enhance firmness and strength to the points and frame of the comb.

This procedure has radically improved the strength to confirm your comb serve you for quite some time.

It looks manly and is designed beautifully.

It will comb through your beard detangling any tangles.

It is very light in weight, and you will hardly feel the weight in your pocket as you go about your business.

The comb was made to take with you as you go, making beard grooming an easy and enjoyable task.

Properties of the Big Red Beard Comb No. 9

  • Cherry outer Eastern Maple inner -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Made using laminated expertise
  • Perfect for medium to long length beards
  • 3-5/8″ long x 1-1/2″ wide
  • It is static resistant groomed gentlemen engraving stay
  • Protective 100% recyclable, resealable package
  • Big Red Beard Oil


Big Red Beard Oils

I grew up in the country and I never really liked citrus fruits though I loved lemonade. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I had my first encounter with the Beard Oil. That citrus scent in it quickly reminded me of my childhood and of course drinking lemonade.

Needless to say, I was tempted to drink it too; it smells that good!

This Big Red Beard Oil brand is scented with bergamot, tangerine, and grapefruit. You will thoroughly enjoy your morning grooming routine.

All the ingredients in this beard oil are 100% natural. They will, without a doubt, provide the nourishment and care that is essential in caring for your beard.

One notable thing about the Big Red Beard oil is that it has a very light consistency and is simple to rub on to your beard. The citrus scent is faultlessly balanced and makes you feel reinvigorated and fresh for hours on end.

The absorption rate is very high, and you do not have to wash your hands after the application. It is

This is why you must have a bottle of Big Red Beard Oil in your bathroom:

100% natural ingredients. Here they are listed below. But just before that, you may also check noshavelife for different beard products.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is perfect for moisturizing, and conditioning parched dry hair since it is lighter than olive oil or coconut oil and will not leave an oily greasy deposit on your beard. It is also fragrance-free, so it won’t leave a lasting scent.

Grape seed oil helps to seal in moisture and prevent kinks, split ends, and delicate hair. Try soaking your beard in grape seed oil. leave it in for ten minutes, then rinsing it out with cold water for a natural deep-conditioning treatment. Its inclusion in the big red beard oil range of products ensures that your beard will greatly benefit from this wonder oil.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most affluent oils and is fit for royalty. It is an excellent moisturizer for your beard and will help seal it in. Razor bumps and razor burn are painful and unattractive.

Argan oil is an effective treatment to relax and heal for men after shaving. Research has also shown that it is excellent for stimulating hair growth. This can be particularly useful for men who have sparse beard hairs or whose beards have problems growing. As one of the components in Red Beard oil, it will be of exceptional benefit.

Hempseed Oil

Hair is composed of keratin, which is nearly 90% protein, and hemp oil complements the protein levels and enhances blood circulation. It also is a primary source of countless nutrients and certifies the hair follicles are nurtured ready to motivate growth.

The oil has been discovered to assist in improving hair and beard growth for some, as well as to nourish the beard hair so that it grows out stronger and thicker.


Bergamot has the softening ability of nut and wheat oils to cover beard hair and naturally soften it, leaving it smooth and nourished. This intensely moisturizing beard conditioner decreases the itching related to growing a beard and allows you to keep clean tangle-less growth.

Jojoba Oil

Beard oil is great for conditioning the skin underneath the beard and softening your beard hair, and transforming it to look shiny and well groomed.

If you are having trouble with itchy flaky skin, under your beard, dry facial hair jojoba oil is the key to resolving that. It is one the ingredients in Big Red Beard oil; all those benefits are yours to enjoy.

Coconut oil
Essential oils

Jojoba is becoming extremely popular not only for beard care but in many other product uses. We think it’s so important that we have dedicate a whole guide to understanding the benefits of jojoba oil, and why you should use it regularly on your beard.

Big Red Beard Oil Dillinger

Dillinger is the next Big Red Beard oil that we are looking at from their brand of beard oils.

Dillinger gives off a spicy scent with musk connotations that reveal its intricacy and how it changes with time. When first applied, black pepper, bay rum, and patchouli will waft to your nose. Later, you will be met with the warmth of cinnamon.

It is scented with essential oils.

The ingredients are also 100% natural which means only nature tending to your beard!

It is light in texture and does not make your beard oil and sticky.

Big Red Beard Oil Factory

Factory is a mix of woody, citrus and spicy smells all in one. It is lightly perfumed so as not to upset the senses but to deliver a lovely, delicate scent all through the beard.

It comes in a custom crafted box that will protect your Big Red Beard oil from harmful UV rays from the sun.

The mix of coconut Jojoba and argan oils will provide a deep moisturizing experience and nourishment for your beard.

The mouth of the bottle is also fitted with an orifice reducer just to help you get the right amount and reduce wastage.

Scented with 100% essential oils.

If you are considering to give Big Red Beard Oil a try but not certain which fragrance to go for, seize the Big Red Beard Oil Sampler. Each flask contains 2-4 uses, subject to the length of your beard. Keeps your beard nourished, kept, and smelling wonderful.

Features of Big Red Beard Oil

Every bottle is designed with an orifice reducer which helps you to get the right amount that is needed without wastage.
The labels on the bottle are oil resistant meaning that they will not come off or be stained once they come into contact with the oil.

The oil is scented with essential oils.

Red Beard Oil is packaged in a glass 1 Oz square bottle fitted into a Kraft box that is used to safeguard the oil from damaging UV light if positioned in direct sunlight.

How to Use Big Red Beard Oil

The greatest time to Apply Big Red Beard Oil is after a hot shower. The hot water will open up your pores making the absorption of the oil more efficient.

Note that after a shower; your beard becomes soft and clean. This is the best ideal time to apply Big Red Beard Oil to it.

Pour 3-4 drops of the big red beard oil onto your hands. This will go a long way, and you can always add more if so desired.

Now, rub it into your hands and fingers.

Once it is uniformly distributed, rub it into your beard while gently massaging.

Use your fingertips to apply on your mustache if you have one.

Run your hands through the bottom of your beard

Take your big red beard oil comb. Comb through your beard to evenly distribute the Big Red Beard Oil while gently shaping your beard back into position.

Tip: How often you need to use your big Red Beard oil depends on climate, season and other factors too. Start by using every other day and adjust according to your personal preference.

Every man wants to leave the house knowing that he is looking his best.

Big Red Beard oil has been formulated with just that in mind. Once you have applied it, you are set to go and conquer the world.

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