Review of BRAUN Hair Clipper and Trimmer HC5090 – Review


All-in-one hair clipper and hair trimmer! Braun has managed that also. Let’s face it, in today’s materialistic world were we have all types of gadgets cluttering our homes, managing to get one that has various functions is a definite plus.

Now there are a variety of haircut kits available on the market at affordable prices, but not so many that can function both as a clipper and a trimmer. If you’re asking your self what’s the difference between the two, than you can find your answer here.

One such kit which is easy to use and which we review here is the Braun Hair Clipper and Trimmer HC5090.

When it comes to Hair Clipper Braun knows its stuff and we knew this all along, however it seems that even in the world of the Hair Trimmer Braun is well equipped to compete with other brands. What came out of these two combinations is a hair cutting machine that’s one of the top products in the inductry.

As far as we see it, this really is one of the handiest clippers we have tried. Its dual battery system allows it to be used both as a corded clipper and also as a cordless unit. It also adjusts automatically to any electricity output between 100V and 240V.
This gives you great flexibility for use wherever you are, especially on your travels.

These clippers are also designed to look good and comfortable to handle. As always Braun has outdone itself when designing this product and we understand why it has been rewarded with the red-dot design award.

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  • Brand: Braun
  • Ultra sharp blades for precision cutting.
  • Dual Battery system allows both Corded and Cordless use
  • Memory Safety Lock system will memorize the most recent length setting even when the attachment is removed.
  • LED charging indicator
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • Rubberized handling grip
  • two adjustable guiding combs allow for 16 different length settings ranging between 3mm and 35mm
  • Product Dimension: 6.1 x 2.2 x 8.7 inches; Weight: 1 pound


What’s included in the box

BRAUN HAIR CLIPPER box accesories



I must admit that I loved the fact that the Braun Hair Clipper and Trimmer HC5090 is a cordless clipper yet can be used even when it is plugged in to the socket. Most other chargeable hair clippers will not work while charging and if; like me, you very often forget to charge the unit after use then you’ll find this feature is a life saver.

If you prefer to use it cordless, it’s good to know that the Clipper’s two batteries take up to 8 hours for a full charge and give you around 40 minutes of cordless use. A quick 15 minute charge of the battery will however give you enough power for one cutting session.

As with all electronic gadgets, it is recommended that you fully charge the battery before first use, however when taking the clippers out from the packaging for the first time, I noticed that the battery was already charged and had enough power to be used for around 25 minutes.

The LED lights on the Braun HC5090 will show you when it is charging by lighting green and will also indicate once it is fully charged and ready for use. The unit also comes with a convenient charging stand so you can set it upright while charging or while stored, which means it takes up less of your precious cabinet space.

Cleaning after use is also made easy thanks to the unit’s waterproof system which makes it fully washable by just running water over it.

The unit comes with 2 comb attachments which together cater for 16 variations in length. A slight push of the thumb will enable you to easily adjust the comb length. The combs, however still holds securely to the clipper thanks to the memory SafetyLock system which remembers the last length setting used.

In my opinion the fact that it comes with only two attachments is one of the most appealing features of this hair clipper. Not having to sort through a plethora of attachments in order to change the height settings every time makes the whole process more convenient since there is no need to switch back and forth for different comb sizes between fades.

The clipper itself is very light and easy to hold and control thanks to its rubberized handling grip, while the blades are engineered for long lasting sharpness.

The final positive note on these clippers is that they passed the test even with my 4 year old son. I used them to cut his hair and to my surprise it turned out not to be the ‘nightmare’ I’m used to go through every time I cut his hair.

I can probably contribute this to two main factors. First, when compared to the majority of competing products the Braun Hair Clipper is not noisy which, in the eyes of a 4 year old, makes it less threatening. Secondly the ultra sharp blades make for a very smooth cut without feeling the pain from the occasional pulling of the hair, which we sometimes experience when using other hair clippers.

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The main issue I found with the Braun Hair Clipper HC5090 is the positioning of the guiding comb adjustment button. At this point you might think I am being presumptuous, however let me explain my problem with this.

In order to set the guiding comb height you need to push on the slider button which is located exactly on the spot where most people naturally rest their thumb. While this might be convenient to quickly push and slide the guide up or down, it also means that every now and again, while trimming my hair, I accidentally hit the button and altered the height setting on the clippers.

This can be quite frustrating especially if you don’t notice and keep shaving!

Another weakness of the Braun HC5090 is that the closest cut you can get with the comb attachment is 3mm which is not ideal when doing bald fades (check out the best clippers for fades here).

Also, when using the clipper directly on the bare blades it does not give as much of a close shave as I was expecting.

Relating to this, one feature which takes getting used to, is the measurement units of the guide combs. This is because the clipper length settings is not shown in inches but in millimetres. In other words, if you are used to the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 length settings, then you’ll need to go through a trial and error phase until you get used to the right settings on this clipper.

The storage bag that comes in the box with these clippers is no prized possession. It’s quite small and flimsy and is nowhere near as big enough to hold all the items that come with the clipper. Having said this, if you use it as a travel bag than it’s more than enough to get the job done considering that ll you need is the unit itself and the 2 comb attachments (just as long as you charge the batteries beforehand).


The Braun Hair Clipper and Trimmer HC5090 is a fantastic looking clipper which is versatile and convenient to use. It is comparatively light in weight and yet has a powerful motor especially when plugged in.

Having only 2 guide attachments that give you 16 different settings makes it more practical to use and easier to carry around without it being bulky. Overall, if you are looking for a quick hair cut for you and also to use for younger kids, then Braun Hair Clipper and Trimmer HC5090 will do the trick.

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