Growing a Beard: Doing It The Right Way

growing a beard

Men grow beards for many reasons- to look more attractive, to be fashionable, some grow a bird to look more masculine, sexier, and some men even grow their beards to attract potential dates. Historically, the beard serves as a symbol of power or strength. From time, great men are known to grow beards in the […]

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Barber Chairs: Styles And Cost

Whether you want to perform hair cuts and hair styling from the comfort of your own home, own your own small salon or own a large salon with a huge staff, finding the barber chairs that you need is easier than you might imagine. Thanks to the Internet, comparing and contrasting different models and prices […]

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Become A Hair Sylist


Have you dreamed of being in the exciting world of the Hair industry? Always wanted to own your own Salon? Hair Stylist are in great demand, people always want someone else to make them more attractive and beautiful. Becoming a Hair Stylist you’ll become that person that everyone calls when they need some help to […]

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Male Ear Hair Removal

ear hair removal

No, God didn’t make a mistake in putting hairs in your nose and ears. The hairs are there for a very good reason. They filter air and keep unnecessary dirt out plus they help us with our hearing. Pretty clever plan. But fur us men, there is a downside. Although nobody knows why, hairs growing out […]

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Factors to Consider when Buying a Barber Chair

If you want clients to come over and over again you need to give them a complete hair-cutting experience. It’s not just about the cut but the whole round experience they get when they come to your shop. For obvious reasons, your barber skills are the most important factor, however other variables, like how you […]

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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

manscaping laser hair removal

I hear you: what the heck is Brazilian Hair Removal? In a few words, a Brazilian Hair Removal is getting rid of every last hair ‘down there’. You can see the exact areas covered here. However, prepare to be naked. Really naked. In fact, you’ll be as smooth as a baby’s bum. Brazilian Hair removal […]

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Curly Hairstyles for Men

curly haired man

Many men today are looking more and more towards curly hairstyles. Many of these men are those who have naturally curly hair who wants to keep a good care of your hair as well as to get a great style for their curly hair. At a subconscious level, how well a man takes care of […]

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Dog Clippers VS Men’s Hair Clippers


Have you even wondered if you should be using your own hair clippers to trim your pet? You may have a hair clipper or trimmer in your bathroom cabinet and decide what’s the harm in using it on my dog? Well today we’re going to see why that’s not such a good idea. Dog Clippers vs […]

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Why do so many choose the Braun Series 7 799cc?

braun series 7 shavers

Braun, thanks to their great desire to be the number one in the world in various fields, changed the concept of shaving. They designed  Braun 799cc 7 Series  as the Braun’s best product in price-quality-technology terms . If you read reviews you will see how many men are happy to have chosen Braun Series 7 799cc. This razor is definitely the most appreciated in […]

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Dry Scalp Treatment

Although it may seem like a different problem altogether, it can be easy to forget that dry scalp problems are like any other dry skin issue. A dry scalp treatment will work exactly the same as any other treatment for dry skin around the body. So that we can find the best dry scalp treatment […]

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Best Beard Conditioners

best beard conditioner 2018

A very important part of growing out a beard and grooming it, that is often overlooked is washing the beard and making sure it is well conditioned. For this purpose you need specially formulated beard conditioners and in this post we will review the 5 best beard conditioners available on the market in 2018. Why […]

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