Philips Norelco 4500 Review – Best Mid Range Shaver?


Philips is a very respectable brand, known for their superior digital appliance quality. They have a long standing in this world, especially for their adaptive and intuitive designs (check out the Philips Oneblade as an example of unique design) that work seamlessly, enabling the user to go above and beyond ‘the norm’. You will find […]

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The Best Babyliss Hair Clippers (or is it Baby Bliss hair clippers …ehm Babylis hair clippers? maybe it’s Babybliss hair clippers!)

Babyliss Pro Volare Ferrari

We look at the 3 Best Babyliss Hair Clippers because this French Brand does not play around when it comes to top of the range Hair Cutting Machines. (and by the way it’s not Baby Bliss hair clippers, Babylis hair clippers or Babybliss hair clippers!!).

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