What is Beard Oil

Beard oil is a mixture of oils that increases the quality and healthiness of your beard. Beard oils are made up of oils given to us from mother nature, castor oil and various other organic oils. Not only is beard oil good for your facial hair but it is also good for the skin under […]

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Beard Maintenance Tips

Beard Maintenance tips

One of the hottest men’s fashion trends that is currently ruling the runway is the fashionable facial hair or beard. Apparently, it adds this mature and sexy look to any attire you rock, and also, has in the past few years been on the women’s watch list for characteristics of their ideal man. However, good […]

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Beard Trimming Tips

beard trimming tips

Beard trimming is a bit like shearing the flowers in your house’s garden. You do that either because they have over grown, formed an irregular pattern and looking less attractive than they should be. The main purpose of trimming your beard is to give your facial hair a decent look even when you haven’t made […]

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How to Gel Your Hair

how to gel your hair

The word “gel” is used to define the nature of a substance, and in this case, a hair styling product. However, adding gel to your hair is for one purpose only, and that is; Styling your hair! However their are ways and ways on how to gel your hair. Gelling your hair works wonders especially […]

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The Best Hair Clippers for Men – What to Look For before Buying

the best hair clippers for men

There are no set rules when it comes to choosing the best hair clippers for men that will actually work well for you. Choosing which type buy is essentially a personal preference based on one’s experience and skill level. Nowadays, you can pretty much choose from a wide variety of hair clippers for men that are […]

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