At Home Laser Hair removal

Laser technology has been used to remove hair for over 25 years, mainly in salons and clinics. However did you know that you can buy a laser hair removal device for home use. Whether you have tried laser treatments or you are exploring them for the first time, you will want to be informed about […]

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Hair Removal Cream for Men

Both women and men alike have equally grown to be conscious of how they look, especially when the clothes come off. In the seventies and eighties chest hair on men was considered a sign of manliness and men used to like showing a nice tuff of chest hair outside their shirt … ohhh but how […]

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Remove Unwanted Facial Hair With 5 Best Tweezers for Eyebrows

Tweezing your eyebrows is an important part of body grooming, because removing unwanted facial hair on your face helps to improve your eyebrows, and to be honest, nobody wants to walk around with a unibrow. Some people use razors or clippers to remove unwanted eyebrow hairs, the problem with that is, it doesn’t remove the hairs from […]

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The Natural Protection of the Skin

natural skin anti aging

Oxidative processes are all around us. As the metabolism of every living organism depends on conversions of chemicals with a high energetic content, and oxidation is involved in every cell, it is no wonder that nature has learnt to cope with oxidative systems and exploit them for energy production. On the other hand, our life […]

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The benefits of Shea butter in Skin Care

shea butter in skin care

Women need to understand how to treat the skin gently and effectively, we’re contending with the ozone layer, the environment and the natural aging process. If a woman cleanses properly, moisturizes and exfoliates gently, she can have healthier skin for a long time to come. Shea Butter is the latest Trend and an Alternative to […]

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