Choosing the Best Organic Shampoo

Choosing best organic shampoo

Good shampoos made from ingredients that are natural are ideal to clean your hair and avoid any harmful side-effects and for this nothing could be better than identifying the best organic shampoo in the market.  Not only shampoos but even organic conditioners are needed to maintain good and lustrous looking hair.  Most of the organic shampoos […]

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How to Gel Your Hair

how to gel your hair

The word “gel” is used to define the nature of a substance, and in this case, a hair styling product. However, adding gel to your hair is for one purpose only, and that is; Styling your hair! However their are ways and ways on how to gel your hair. Gelling your hair works wonders especially […]

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How Does Hair get Curly

a man's curly hair

Many textbooks claim that the shape of the hair shaft and follicle determines whether or not hair is straight or curly. However the secret of natural curl formation actually lies in cell division in the dermal papilla of the hair. If you think of the base of a hair follicle as a circular clock with all the […]

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What is Damaged Hair

damaged hair in men

Today more than ever before people are concerned about the condition of their hair. This is of course due to the fact that we do so much more with our hair on a more frequent basis from washing and blow-drying it to perming and coloring it. Now we are aware that hair can and does […]

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8 Hair Loss Myths Busted

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing for many people, both men and women. Despite the many claims to the contrary, hair transplant is the only real near-cure available. However, prevention is better than cure, and if you manage to address your hair loss issue before it falls off then there are products that can […]

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