The Benefits of a Wooden Comb

We are often faced with the question: What makes wood a better choice for hair and beard care? Allow us to give you an explanation as to why wood is often considered the material of choice: 1.) Wood is all natural. This doesn’t need much discussion, or elaboration. In a world where mass produced, synthetic products are […]

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What is Beard Oil

First, let’s start with the basics: Beard oil can be a single oil, or a blend of oils specifically designed for your beard hair. Regularly using a beard oil keeps your beard soft, shiny, smooth and healthy. A good beard oil not only helps promote a healthy beard, but it also provides the skin under […]

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How Does Hair get Curly

a man's curly hair

Many textbooks claim that the shape of the hair shaft and follicle determines whether or not hair is straight or curly. However the secret of natural curl formation actually lies in cell division in the dermal papilla of the hair. If you think of the base of a hair follicle as a circular clock with all the […]

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What is Damaged Hair

damaged hair in men

Today more than ever before people are concerned about the condition of their hair. This is of course due to the fact that we do so much more with our hair on a more frequent basis from washing and blow-drying it to perming and coloring it. Now we are aware that hair can and does […]

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At Home Laser Hair removal

Laser technology has been used to remove hair for over 25 years, mainly in salons and clinics. However did you know that you can buy a laser hair removal device for home use. Whether you have tried laser treatments or you are exploring them for the first time, you will want to be informed about […]

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Goatee Styles – What You need to Trim your Goatee

Facial Hair Trimmers for goatee shaping and styling Designed exclusively for a man’s facial hair removal and management, a Goatee trimmer generally combines both a whisker trimmer and edger functions into one. First, a trimmer to cut the overall Goatee to length. And usually a fine-tooth and narrow edger blade to shape and precisely style […]

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Beard Maintenance Tips

Beard Maintenance tips

One of the hottest men’s fashion trends that is currently ruling the runway is the fashionable facial hair or beard. Apparently, it adds this mature and sexy look to any attire you rock, and also, has in the past few years beards have been on the women’s watch list for characteristics of their ideal man. […]

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