How to Cut Men’s Hair With Clippers

How to Cut Mens Hair With Clippers

Investing in a decent set of hair clippers can help avoid frequent visits to the barber’s. Many shorter hairstyles for men can require “tidying up” as often as every two weeks to keep them looking neat and sharp. If you can master cutting men’s hair at home with clippers, then you’ll not only save the […]

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How to Sharpen Hair Clippers?

How to Sharpen Hair Clippers

Hair trimmers are one of the handiest grooming tools for any man’s arsenal. However, this range of men’s hair cutting devices isn’t exactly maintenance free, because they do need to be oiled periodically to run efficiently. Moreover, their blades need to be sharpened for smooth trims each time. Before learning how to sharpen hair clippers, […]

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14 Good Valentines Day Gifts for Her

good valentines day gifts

Learning how to talk to girls is often a challenge for men, and for some guys it doesn’t get any easier the longer you know a woman. But actions sometimes speak louder than words, and come February 14 you can say Happy Valentine’s Day or even I Love You by giving her a present instead. But this […]

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How to Get Things Done Better

becoming more time efficient

Time is a factor for most people I know and being able to get things done quicker and more efficiently is one everyone’s wish-list. So, today I’m going to talk about something that can help you achieve this, at least to some extent. Focus Have you ever heard of the 4 essential things you must know to […]

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Understanding Women through the Relationship Stages

Tony's relationship advice

For many men, understanding women is like comprehending nuclear physics or achieving nirvana. It seems like an almost impossible task for which even an unlikely success requires a lifetime to achieve. And it’s not a new dilemma either, as even the notorious Romantic Lord Byron once uttered one of the more famous understanding women quotes two hundred years ago: “What […]

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