Hair Loss in Women

I want to outline a few facts about hair loss that may come as a surprise and then offer some real practical advice as to what you can do about it before it is too late. It’s not only men that suffer from hair loss and as there are men hair loss shampoos and other […]

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The Lost Art of Shaving

the lost art of shaving - old man shaving with a badger brush and safety razor

For decades now the media have been bombarding their potential clients, on the choice of the best blade, which guarantees a “perfect shave”. Brands like Philips have come up with revolutionary razors and blades for getting the perfect shave, like the Norelco OneBlade. Over the years, the “rite of shaving”, or all of those precautionary procedures […]

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Step by Step Guide to Cut a Fade

The fade hair-cut is a tricky one to do on your own because it requires a precise movement of the fade clippers but a clean tapered outline will make style really stand out. Step-by-Step Guide to cutting a Fade  First you should start from the top by using the shears and start with the middle […]

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Choosing the Best Shaving Brushes

best shaving brushes

In this post I’m going to give you some really helpful advice on how to find the best shaving brush for your specific needs. There are various popular brands to choose from, Simpson brushes, Rooney or Semogue, however what we are going to do is review the various steps that have to be taken when […]

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