Dog Clippers VS Men’s Hair Clippers


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Have you even wondered if you should be using your own hair clippers to trim your pet?

You may have a hair clipper or trimmer in your bathroom cabinet and decide what’s the harm in using it on my dog?

Well today we’re going to see why that’s not such a good idea.

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

Dogs; well all animals actually,  need a specialized set of grooming tools for trimming that is quite different from those used by humans.

The razor blades used for men’s hair clippers are different from those used for animals.

At first glance, both men’s and dog clippers may look the same, but there are subtle differences that will make a big difference on the end result obtained.

Human hair clippers are electric clippers and don’t come in manual anymore.  The blade teeth on these clippers are very close to one another to cater for the fine hair found on humans.

If used on dogs or other animals with thicker and coarser hair you may end up ruining your clippers and more importantly causing discomfort or pain to your pet.

Apart from this, the normal men clippers do not have enough speed to enable them to easily pass through the thick hair found on animals.

So, the main difference is that human clippers are to be used on lighter hair while animal clippers are tailored for the heavier and thicker hair found in most pets, especially dogs.

Special Clippers for Animals

We therefore recommend that you use specially designed dog clippers for dogs.

These type of clippers are usually made of stronger metal and the blades are sharper. Also the motor behind the clippers is stronger and faster.

All these factors contribute to the higher prices you usually have to pay to obtain a specialised dog  hair clipper as opposed to the one you might have at home for personal grooming.

The design of the blades found within the clippers is also different, since they For the latter, they are designed to cut easily thicker hair found in animals.

The lengths of the blades and the clipper guards of animal clippers is also different from the human versions. This is because the shorter blades found on men’s clippers can’t penetrate tangled hairs.



So, it is clear that if you wish to trim your dog’s hair yourself you should buy the appropriate tolls for the job.

Having said this, we do recommend you leave this job up to professionals who really know what they are doing.

Dog’s will get agitated even from the sound of hair clipper and it is very difficult to manage to trim a dog’s hair if they are not stable and under control.

You may cause alot of discomfort and potentially hurt your dog.

So if you’re not 100% sure then best leave it up to professional dog groomers to do the job.

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