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Whether you’re growing that perfect beard, just leaving a stubble or you prefer the lean shave look, you will find reviews of the best products for your face and beard right here.

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Brightup beard trimmer review banner

Brightup Beard Trimmer Review

In search of a versatile grooming solution, we’ve taken a closer look at the Brightup Beard Trimmer kit. It’s quite the handy tool, especially when it comes to keeping your beard and hairline in top-notch …

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barber applying scented beard oil to customer beard

Best Smelling Beard Oil

When it comes to best smelling beard oils, there are plenty of great options on the market. Whether you prefer something woodsy or fruity, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy. Having …

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man using stubble trimmer

Best Stubble Trimmer

Looking rugged and handsome doesn’t just happen! You must have the right equipment to get that perfect stubble. This means having the best stubble trimmer, but which one is right for you? In this review, we will …

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how to grow facial hair faster banner

How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

A lot of men give up a good 10-15 minutes of their time just to shave in the morning in order to make themselves look presentable. They say that a clean shaven face is more …

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Four Shave Tips for Men banner

Four Shave Tips for Men

Do you hate shaving?  Is it just the morning chore? I used to think so. I would avoid it like the flu if I could.  Then I discovered traditional wet shaving and life changed.   …

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How to Choose the Right Beard Style

How to Choose the Right Beard Style

Ready to look sharp, stand out at work, and turn heads for all the right reasons? A beard can get you there! Yet, not all beards are created equal nor are they one-size-fits-all. Choose the wrong one for your face …

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How to Maintain a Long Beard

How to Maintain a Long Beard

One of the hottest men’s fashion trends that has been ruling the runway in recent years, is the fashionable facial hair or beard. Now some of these models really know how to maintain a long …

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best-shaving-brushes for men banner

Best Shaving Brushes for Men

In this post I’m going to give you some really helpful advice on how to find the best shaving brush for your specific needs. There are various popular brands to choose from, Simpson brushes, Rooney …

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how to prevent razor burn banner

How to Prevent Razor Burn

Do you also make that face while shaving with a razor? Well, you’re not alone. Many men experience regularly the pain of razor burn after shaving. Hopefully this ends today. In this post we’re going …

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how to trim goatee styles banner

Goatee Styles – How to Trim a Goatee to get the Perfect Style

Facial Hair Trimmers for goatee shaping and styling Designed exclusively for a man’s facial hair removal and management, a Goatee trimmer generally combines both a whisker trimmer and edger functions into one. First, a trimmer …

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man happy with his electric shaver

What to Look For when Buying a Men’s Electric Shaver

For some, it is the ease, for some it is the comfort, for some it is performing away with lather on cold mornings, for some it is the electric whirr, for some it is the …

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remington electric shaver review banner

Remington Hyperflex Electric Shaver Review

There are few examples of pure class in the health and beauty world that don’t come with a frankly disturbing price tag. Remington, however, have sent out a challenge to the electric shaver world with …

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how to trim a beard banner

How to Trim a Beard

Beard trimming is a bit like shearing the flowers in your house’s garden. You do that either because they have over grown, formed an irregular pattern and looking less attractive than they should be. However, …

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how to shave with a straight razor banner

How to Shave with a Straight Razor

Learning how to shave with a straight razor seems daunting for some men, but believe me when I tell you that it’s well worth the effort. Once you learn how to use a straight razor …

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how to grow a full beard banner

How to Grow a Full Beard

I find it amusing how popular the question, ‘How to grow a full beard’ is among men.  (I’m assuming most persons asking this question would be men.. but I might be wrong!). In fact if you …

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old fashioned shaving kit banner

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit – Should you Get One?

If you are wondering if you should have your own old fashioned shaving set but you’re not sure if it’s really useful for you, then you’ve landed on the right post. The first thing you …

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braun-series7 review banner

Braun Series 7 Review

You can read any Braun Series 7 review from other real users and you will see that they are pleased with their shaver. Not only is the price tag remarkably reasonable, it delivers in all categories – it’s …

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Best Straight Razor for Beginners

Best Straight Razor for Beginners

Your idea of the best straight razor may be different from mine. Now, some have claimed,a straight razor is ancient and belongs in the museum. The invention of the safety razor did change things for …

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Panasonic Arc 5 electric razor review banner

Panasonic Arc 5 Shaver Review

Panasonic have carved out a respectable name for themselves in the digital appliances world – their reputation is for products that are largely inexpensive, yet sleek, reliable and packed with features that just work. As …

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Panasonic Arc 4 review banner

Panasonic Arc 4 Electric Shaver Review

Panasonic have, for a long time, been a respectable name in the digital appliances world. They are best known for their range of televisions, DVD and Blu-ray players, microwaves, fridges, etc. However, they have also …

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men shaving with electric razor

Best Electric Shaver for Men

Finding the best electric shaver for men can be tricky. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of product. If only electric shavers were as cheap as disposable manual razors, then you could switch from brand to …

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adjustable safety razor and brush

Best Adjustable Safety Razor

Thinking of getting yourself a safety razor but you don’t know which one you should buy? Do not sweat it I have got you covered. In the chart below you will find Amazon’s best selling …

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man washing beard with one of the best beard conditioner on the market

Best Beard Conditioner

A very important part of growing out a beard and grooming it, that is often overlooked is washing the beard and making sure it is well conditioned. For this purpose you need specially formulated beard …

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lost art of shaving banner

The Lost Art of Shaving

For decades now the media have been bombarding their potential clients, on the choice of the best blade, which guarantees a “perfect shave”. Brands like Philips have come up with revolutionary razors and blades for …

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philips-norelco-oneblade-review banner

Philips Norelco Oneblade Review

There are numerous brands of shaving and male grooming products on the market today but the Philips Norelco OneBlade review will show you that this is unlike any other product out there! We’re going to show you …

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man using beard trimmer on beard

Best Beard Trimmer for All Types of Beards

Looking for the best beard trimmer for your needs? Then you’ve landed in the right place. Here’s our table with the top rated beard trimmers. Before we dive into the detailed reviews however, let’s take …

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man applying jojoba oil for beard

Jojoba Oil for Beard – Why You Should be Using this Regularly

Jojoba beard oil and countless other natural oils are currently trending in the arena of natural products. The human race has gone full cycle. Not  far in the distant past, all things natural were looked …

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How to Avoid the Dry Skin Under Beard Itch

A very common problem in men who grow a beard is the itchiness caused by having dry skin under the beard and today I am going to show you how to avoid this or cure it. To …

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how-to-shave-with-an-electric-razor banner

How to Shave with an Electric Razor

Given Up on Shaving with an Electric Razor? As some of you might know, results can be pretty frustrating if you don’t know how to shave with an electric razor using a proper technique. As …

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man with dry skin on face

Dry Skin on Face? – Tips to Get Rid of It

Dry skin on the face is a problem I’m always acutely aware of and regularly struggling with. There is nothing worse than having a bit of dry skin start to flake near the corners of …

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Brio Beardscape Trimmer Review Banner

Brio Beardscape Review

Maintaining a good, well-groomed beard is a must for any man. Taking care of this means you will need some basic equipment. The first is a good trimmer. There are so many options available to …

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how to make a hot towel banner

How to Make a Hot Towel At Home

One of the best parts of getting a shave at the barber is the hot towel. However, there’s no need to go to the barbershop to get a perfect shave and it’s rather easy to …

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