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Dry Skin on Face? – Tips to Get Rid of It

Dry skin on the face is a problem I’m always acutely aware of and regularly struggling with. There is nothing worse than having a bit of dry skin start to flake near the corners of the mouth or around the nostrils area.

I was recently looking into how to control the amount of dry skin on my face and came across an interesting fact, apparently many people often get dry skin on their face because they use a range of topical ointments and face washes to combat other skin problems, like, for example acne.

This made me think about all the products I place on my skin. Do you ever wonder if what you are putting on your skin is causing toxicity on your body as a whole?

Here’s an interesting fact for those of you who are not aware. The human skin will absorb 60% of whatever is placed on it directly into the bloodstream.

So, it’s probably better that we engage in preventative alternatives instead of curative ways to take care of our skin and avoid getting any dry skin on face forming in the first place. Even though I use a moisturizer, they do not prevent the absorption of chemicals into the skin.

Tips to prevent Dry Skin On the Face

If you’ve been suffering from dry skin on a continual basis then it’s easy to think that the problem is chronic, however you’d be surprised how just cutting out some simple bad habits can make all the difference.

1. Use warm water instead of hot water to wash your face.

How hot is the water you use to wash your skin?

It is well known that washing with extremely hot water can leave your skin overly dried out. The hot water works very well to strip out all the natural skin oils and leave the skin without any hydration.

The Fix: As much as you hate me to say it, try going easy on the hot water and opt for a lukewarm bath or shower instead. This removes less oil from your face in the process and avoids drying out the skin.

Also, think about the soaps you use on your body. Nice smelling perfumed soaps have lots of additives in them that can easily remove skin oils and leave your skin dry. Moisturizing soaps such as dove is a solution.

2. Switch to the most gentle cleanser that will keep your skin clean.

Which means avoiding alcohol based cleaners like antibacterial hand washes. I have found switching to fragrance free soaps with added moisturizes really helpful.

3. Use of a moisturizer after taking a shower.

Ever notice how plump your skin feels after a nice shower or bath? When you use a moisturizer straight after it locks in that hydration for an easy way to avoid dry skin on the face.

This is the most simple of all dry skin remedies. After a shower or every time you wash your hands or face follow up with a moisturizer. Especially after a shower, your skin gets hydrated and moisturizing straight after helps to lock that in.

Along the same lines, keep an eye out on what chemicals you come into contact with. If you use your hands, wear gloves when handling or coming into contact with any harsh or abrasive chemicals.

4. Use sun block in the summer to avoid sunburn and keep your face and head as covered as possible during winter to avoid chapping.

Prevention as part of the cure. Be extra wary of what your skin comes into contact with.

Think even about what your skin comes into contact with on a daily basis, such as weather. Put on some sunscreen and watch out for the sun.

Just as how the sun works very well to dry out clothes, it will do the same thing to your skin.

Dry skin is notorious for drying out the oils on your skin. The first step is keep the moisture in. Than the next is to add extra moisture through a moisturizing cream or product.

To make the the application of moisturizing agents even more effective make sure you follow through with a good skin cleaning routine.

5. Exfoliate to keep it clean

The easiest way to keep your skin clean is to exfoliate on a frequent basis.

There is no need to rely on heavy mechanical exfoliates, you can now use chemical ones that do the job for you without having to lift a finger.

The benefit of using an exfoliant on your skin is that in removes all the dead skin to reveal the younger fresh skin underneath.

With the dead skin out of the way all your dry skin remedies such as moisturizers will work more effectively now.

Moisturizer Must Haves

Firstly apply a moisturizer as frequently as you can, which really helps to keep the skin softer and smoother and avoid having to scrub or exfoliate dry skin unnecessarily.

For areas where dry skin is a persistent problem a product which has urea or lactic acid works wonders.

The only problem though is that if you already have broken or cracked skin there is a slight stinging sensation on application.

During the daytime use a moisturizer anytime you feel your skin start to tighten. Make sure to choose a moisturizing product that has,

  • Added sunscreen
  • Antioxidants
  • Dimenthicone
  • Grape seed oil extract (or petrolatum)

These ingredients are all you need in a moisturizer.

There are lots of myths and bad advice being peddled on the web about all natural solutions, however I find just using the above works just fine for me.

It keeps my skin hydrated and protected from the sun. The antioxidants works as a preventative measure to help the skin stay younger in appearance and the grape seed oil helps to lock in hydration and prevent dry skin on face.

Home remedies for dry skin

Having your skin dried out and irritated is a very common but unpleasant experience.

Although you can buy many products such as moisturizers over the counter at your chemist and even in the local super market, you may first want to try a couple of common sense home remedies for dry skin.

Protect your hands.

Use gloves when coming into contact with any harsh cleaners. These can strip oils right from your skin. Instead even consider using baking soda in your washing water.

Take an oatmeal bath

It sounds weird, but oatmeal is packed full of vitamin E, well known for its skin protecting and hydrating qualities. Oatmeal is natural way of treating dry and chapping skin.

Remove flaking and dead skin by exfoliating

You can rub some salt on your skin after a shower or bath.

Use vegetable oil as a moisturizer

This is one of the best home remedies for dry skin because any vegetable oil will do.

Although it may smell weird your skin will love it. Instead of spending loads of money on foreign import moisturizers just take a trip to your supermarket.

Sesame oil or olive oil is a good cheap and effective way to keep your skin moisturized. Just apply some after a shower. If you like the smell, coconut oil is also a fantastic option.

Make a natural face mask from banana.

Mash some up and use it as a face mask, the more rip the better.

Just leave it on for 15mins than wash of. You can even use the banana peel as a spot treatment on any other areas of your body where the skin is chapping or flaking.

Drink Water and Eat Healthier

Drink lots of water, than watch out for liquids that will naturally cause you to lose water. Alcohol and caffeine are two of the most common culprits.

Eat better, start by adding some healthy fats to your diet. Fish oil is a good source of essential oils. You can even buy odorless fish oils, no more fishy burps.

Stop smoking.

This is somethings that you should definitely stop doing and that will make all the other home remedies for dry skin work even better.

The change is gradual so you may not even notice it, but if you want smoother and younger looking skin you need to stop smoking.

Oh and the last one, which is my personal favorite …

Get enough sleep

When you sleep the body and mind regenerate. Sleep is basically essential for every aspect of our life.

Make sure you give it the importance it deserves and get a good night’s sleep regularly.


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