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Goatee Styles – How to Trim a Goatee to get the Perfect Style

Facial Hair Trimmers for goatee shaping and styling

Designed exclusively for a man’s facial hair removal and management, a Goatee trimmer generally combines both a whisker trimmer and edger functions into one.

First, a trimmer to cut the overall Goatee to length. And usually a fine-tooth and narrow edger blade to shape and precisely style the Goatee’s edge and contours.

Look for goatee trimmers that include a very narrow finishing and detailing blade only a half inch or so wide to really shape and style the edges of the goatee to precision. Removable or adjustable depth guide combs can be set for a short stubble or a fuller bristle, usually to about 1/2″ depending on the fullness of goatee you’re after.

Fine-Tooth Detailing

An ideal goatee trimmer will come with several interchangeable facial hair cutting attachments.

In addition to a narrow detailing blade, a mini foil shaver head can be really helpful in cleaning the edge of the goatee around the jaw and neckline for those preferring a smooth rather than stubbly goateeed look.

Styling a Full Goatee

For a man who likes to keep a full or long Goatee, you may find many of the available goatee trimmer kits just aren’t quite the right tool for the job.

Even the best goatee trimmer sets are designed for relatively short whisker lengths. Whether they’re adjustable-length, or come with a few clipper guide combs, these tend to max out under 3/4 inch.

Instead, look to conventional hair-clipper sets that come with a large range of snap-on guides for maximum length options.

Numbered hair-clipper guides are often numbered in 1/8″ increments – so a #3 is 3/8, a #8 is a full 1″. The more pieces in a set (i.e. a 21 piece hair clipper set) the more likely it’ll include guides all the way up to #8.

How to Trim A Goatee

Here’s some grooming tips to help shape and trim a goatee to perfection. When doing it yourself:

Rough cut-in the general shape of your goatee. Be generous so you can refine the goatee shape later.

Approach the edges very slowly and very carefully. Remember that they shouldn’t extend past the smile lines of your face.

Regardless of kind or style of goatee you’re shaping, make sure that both sides match symmetrically.

Move the razor or clippers in every direction. It may help to wet and re-dry your whiskers, especially if they are naturally curly or wooly.

Keep the mustache well-defined. You might want to trim a little between the mustache and your nose to nip any stray hairs that tend to grow above your moustache line.

Use the finest tooth edger to make sharp corners at the jawline and finish detailing with a small round tipped grooming scissor.

If you use foil or rotary razor, you can shape and clean your cheeks and jowls around the sides of your goatee very cleanly.

Groomers, Clippers and Trimmers For Goatees

A Van Dyke beard is best kept neat. In the days that follow, the stubble might look cool by itself, but eventually the goatee it will start to look messy.

Try to keep the rest of your face cleanly shaven and take time to re-trim the goatee if you want to keep it at it’s current length.

If you have a partner or friend – find someone skilled at trimming hair and have them do the edges (especially the bottom) of your goatee once a week in order to keep the look sharp.

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Different Styles Of Goatees and Beards

Beard And Goatee Style Chart

As you can see from the chart of various mustache, beard and goatee styles below – there’s plenty of inspiration to help you choose the best style and shape of goatee to achieve the look you’re after.

Are you a respectable, scholarly gentleman, a military leader – or a bad boy biker or ex-con?

There’s a signature look that you can achieve with your whiskers. The best goatee styles for you will depend on the density, distribution and character of your particular beard growth.

Some men strictly and regularly wear only a goatee. Many men full-bearded men experiment with trying out shaping and styling a goatee after their beard has become too long and full — then decide to prune their facial hair down to something a bit neater and more manageable.

This is ideal because it gives you alot more facial hair to work with in a ‘top down’ manner, rather than trying to ‘grow’ a goatee from scratch.

Goatee With Sideburns

Many men also like to explore various lengths and styles of sideburns to compliment the look of their goatee.

Fuller and longer sideburns can really complement and balance the ‘weight’ of goatee – especially if a guy has a very thick, full and round goatee (sometimes called a ‘Circle Beard’ or ‘Moutee’.)

Sideburns can also visially offset a very dark in color goatee that’s longer than just a short bristle length. (The latter is sometimes called a ‘Neat Goatee’.)

The key to a style of sideburn to compliment a goatee is striking a clean, sharp edge along the bottom. The sideburn may be short, atop the ear at the hairline or extend further down the jawline.

Many men angle the bottom edge of the sideburn horizontally straight across, but angling the edge a few degrees with sharp corners. The right width and length can really help shape your face and give your goatee an even better look.

Types Of Sideburns To Compliment A Man’s Goatee

A goatee on it’s own can give a sexy, hot look to a man, but finding the perfect style of sideburn to compliment or set-off your chin whiskers can take your signature look to the next level. Whether your beard growth is sparse or naturally dense.

Sideburn Trimmers

A straight-edge razor or facial hair trimmer with very fine-toothed blades is needed to deliver a sideburn style with a clean, precision edge.

It not only makes the sideburns look sharper and sexier, but also can insure your sideburns maintain that hot, stylish look for an extra day or three. If you prefer using a disposable razor, narrow 2-blade razor’s like Schick Slim-Twin are excellent for clean sideburn edges.

Tips For Grooming Sideburns

Determining the ideal sideburn style doesn’t have to happen all at once.

If you already have a few days of stubble growth – or a full beard you can whack and hack down – you can judiciously explore both a sideburn and goatee style that works for you progressively.

Err on the side of length, both in terms of how far down the sideburn extends down the jaw and neckline, as well as the length of sideburn hair itself. Especially if you’re starting from a grown-out beard state, you can always remove more later.

Short Or Long Sideburns?

Always err on the side of longer as you explore the sideburn look you’re going after. Even if you’re looking for a conversant and precise look – you might want to start by cutting the sideburn straight across at the level of your lower ear lobe


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