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Remington Hyperflex Electric Shaver Review

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There are few examples of pure class in the health and beauty world that don’t come with a frankly disturbing price tag. Remington, however, have sent out a challenge to the electric shaver world with the Remington Hyper Shavers which we review here – what we need to ask, therefore, is – is it up to scratch?

Now the Remington brand is not the cheapest electric shaver out there. For cheaper alternatives check out this list.

You will notice from many real customers’ reviews that users are happy with the overall experience with the Remington. Not only does it look good – Remington pride themselves on aesthetic and sleek designs – but standards, material quality, performance and ability are high.

The top Remington Hyperflex features

Active Contour XL

Finally, the Remington Hyperflex has the ultimate answer to facial contours: meet Active Contour XL. Compared to all previous Remington models, the Hyperflex offers 50% more contour adaption, promising a closer, faster and easier shave than ever before.

HyperFlex Technology

HyperFlex is another one of the fantastic design masterpieces worked into the Remington. The neck of the shaver is, in fact, flexible enough to be able to rotate 360º.

This, of course, means that there are no more contortion acts on our part as we try to force the shaver from face to neck. No issues whatsoever are presented – the shaver does the hard work.

The 5-minute Quick Charge

The Quick Charge feature of this shaver really will have you questioning why all electrical appliances don’t take a leaf out of Remington’s book.

How many times have you been mid-shave when the little red light flashes next to the battery sign, and a moment later the shaver dies?

No longer is this an issue – you simply put the shaver into its cradle, and by the time you’ve made yourself a coffee or ironed a shirt, the shaver will be ready and waiting.

This innovation from Remington, is possibly the handiest feature we’ve reviewed yet.

Remington Hyperflex Advanced Rotary Shaver

A few more fantastic features

The Remington Hyperflex is completely designed with the end user in mind.

From the features above that adapt the shaving experience entirely to the handle of the shaver itself.

The handle incorporates a stylish, über-modern backlit LED display that counts down to the next required charge, so you won’t be caught off guard when the battery runs low. The handle itself is made of a non-slip material, combining functionality with sleek design.

The shaver also incorporates WetTech, which means a ‘dry shave’ – without shaving foam or gel – can be done with water, and even in the shower. This feature can come in very helpful, of course – especially when travelling, which seems to be a concurrent theme with this shaver.

Another ‘travel-friendly’ feature of the Remington Hyperflex Electric Shaver is the travel lock. Like so many of the features, it seems as though this should be standard across all shavers – it’s robust enough a lock to prevent the shaver from accidentally activating in your bag, but not so fiddly to make routine operation a chore.

The bigger picture – what you get


  • Fantastic facial contour adaptation
  • Flexibility built into the head
  • Sleek gimmicks – the LED display
  • Classy design
  • Easy to use at home, easy to travel with
  • A revolutionary 5-minute Quick Charge


  • The handle is just that – a gimmick. The display is power-hungry and would be better off hidden or smaller
  • It’s lightweight and good for traveling, but a more robust model might be better for everyday use

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The Remington Hyperflex Review – bottom line.

The Remington Hyperflex is, without doubt, a fine thing. It doesn’t promise to deliver the most luxurious or unbeatable shaves, but it does bring an air of class to the everyday shave. At the lower end of the market, price-wise, it certainly delivers well.

If you’re looking for a good, solidly performing shaver that outweighs its low price tag, you’ve found the right one here. Similarly, if what you’re after is to have a shave as close and quick in a hotel room as you do at home, this Remington more than measures up.

However, for a shaver that ticks more boxes, we suggest you look a little further afield to the Braun Series 7. You can check out our full review here.

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