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The Lost Art of Shaving

For decades now the media have been bombarding their potential clients, on the choice of the best blade, which guarantees a “perfect shave”. Brands like Philips have come up with revolutionary razors and blades for getting the perfect shave, like the Norelco OneBlade.

Over the years, the “rite of shaving”, or all of those precautionary procedures that provided a better shaving act, a “fast shave” or the one that takes less time to carry out, was observed.

Advertising devoted to this action that affects billions of men every day (you figure out the budget in terms of spending …) Let’s be clear: to date and especially in the western world when it comes to shaving, the motto “fast is better”.

Great mistake.

Our grandfathers knew well that “the rite of shaving” was to take time: the process to devote to the skin on his face were multiple, carefull and slow. Only after careful preparation , the sharp razor blade would stroke the skin.

Why is the art of shaving the beard lost on many today? :

1. It goes too fast

2. You want to get an acceptable result as soon as possible

3. We do not realize that shaving is a traumatic act on our skin

4. We do not know the rules of shaving.

Here are the golden rules of shaving

1. Choose a time of the day you have TIME ; today unlike yesterday, early morning is the most dangerous space for shaving: so, get up 15 minutes before or change the stage of the day. better a shave well done in the evening than a bad shaving in the morning!

2. Moisturize the hair of the beard: even them as the skin of the face can hydrate; To do this you can use a warm shower (which has to last a few minutes); never with cold water: cold water creates the reduction of follicular osteolysis (astringes the pores) and alters the shaving.

3. Soften and elasticize hair and skin: Then return to the mythical and now abandoned ” shaving brush ” that had and has a precise function: to soften the skin and hair and to emulsify shaving cream: the ” modernization “of that traditional gesture – in my opinion – is all in the” foam spray “or in a surrogate of that composition, which was not an end in itself but, more simply, the final product of an act with peculiarities well different.

4. Reduce the friction between the blade and the skin: choose the appropriate blades (often a bilma, while in my opinion the 12-bladed razors [!] Would only increase friction on the skin) and new ones: if you rinse a razor, protect the previously used blades and wash them with liquid water and soap before shaving (be careful not to rub in the cutting direction ..!) to remove residues and bacteria

5. Adopt a consecutive stroke technique and limit it to shave small zones at a time by taking care to rinse your razor with lukewarm water (as said cold water creates an obliteration of follicular osteoarthritis and prevents proper shaving)

6. Listen to the opinion of your dermatologist on products to be used after shaving ; not all skins are the same (fat, mixed, dry, with dermatitis or dermatitis); it goes without saying that it can not EXPRESS one unique post-shave product for every skin!

This will reduce post-traumatic lesions (folliculitis, contact irritant dermatitis) and improve any associated pathologies.

At least in recent years there are those who have started showing interest in the traditional tools of shaving. Straight razors are a niche which is growing in popularity with many men. There are communities and forums dedicated to men who use straight razors.

And now, finally … for those who had forgotten the essence of this act … good shaving!


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