Factors to Consider when Buying a Barber Chair

If you want clients to come over and over again you need to give them a complete hair-cutting experience. It’s not just about the cut but the whole round experience they get when they come to your shop.

For obvious reasons, your barber skills are the most important factor, however other variables, like how you treat your clients, cleanliness, professional hair cutting tools and a comfortable barber chair also have their impact on the clients overall experience.

The barber chair is the throne the client sits on. It’s the first impression they get when they come to your shop for the first time and interact with you.

A cozy, relaxing salon chair will make your clients feel at home and make them comfortable in their surroundings.

Now, depending on the stage of your business you might be able to fork out for the top of the range barber chairs like the SkinAct brand, or you might want to more affordable but still decent chair like those made by LCL Beauty. You can always update these later when your business booms.

Whatever your situation, when choosing a barber chair for your shop their are certain things you should be looking for including quality of material, Hydraulic mechanism, reclining functionality, seat size, weight capacity and height adjustment customization.

Making Your Choice

How do you decide which chair is right for you and what functions you need in your ideal chair?

Well in order to get to the bottom of this you need to ask yourself some questions. Look at the range of your clientele and what services they require.

Who is your typical customer? Is he tall, bulky, male or female and how frequent is your churn out rate? These are the questions to ask to identify how sturdy of a chair you need and whether the hydrolic functions are important.

Will you be offering basic trims and buzz-cuts or are you also a hair stylist? That’s what you need to understand to decide whether the chair needs to be able to recline and customize itself in order for you to move around the client comfortable and perform your styling magic.

Think about all aspects of your services and your clients and address the needs you will be facing before even starting to consider which model of chair to buy.

Like any investment you make in your business, an informed decision will make sure you spend you money wisely and help achieve your bottom line. Once you grow and become a well established name then maybe you can consider splurging out on the luxurious Belvedere chairs.

Barber Chair Maintenance

Now once you buy the chair and install it in your salon or barber shop, you need to make sure to take good care of it so that it can serve you for as long as possible.

That’s why it’s good to learn how to perform some basic maintenance work on  your chair.

Obviously if there is a critical malfunction you should always call the experts, either the seller you bought it from (especially if it is still under warranty) or some licensed repair service.

For the more simple maintenance and repair work, you can easily handle this yourself.

So, now you might be asking, ‘what sort of maintenance will I need to do on my barber shop chair?’

A very common problem comes from the hydraulic pump on the salon chair which seems to get a mind of its own sometimes. You’ll notice it moving up and down at random which is uncomfortable for you while you’re working and not very pleasing for the client either.

Good thing CCI has come up with this instructional video to show you just what you need to do in these cases…. you’ll see that it’s an easy fix.

Apart from the hydraulics, there should be no major issues as long as you clean your chair every day and lubricate the mechanism parts regularly with the appropriate lubricating oil. Just like I’m sure you do with your range of hair clippers.


If you think client retention is important, and if you’re a business minded person than you know that getting clients through the door is already difficult and expensive and therefore you want to make sure that they turn into repeat customers because that’s how turn your tiny barber salon into a thriving business.
Taking care of all elements which contribute to the client’s overall experience at your barber shop  will ensure you get satisfied customers who keep coming back and giving them a comfortable chair to sit on is definitely a must.

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