Growing a Beard: Doing It The Right Way

growing a beard

Men grow beards for many reasons- to look more attractive, to be fashionable, some grow a bird to look more masculine, sexier, and some men even grow their beards to attract potential dates. Historically, the beard serves as a symbol of power or strength.

From time, great men are known to grow beards in the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris, even ZZ Top to list a few. The biggest lie men tell themselves is that they cannot grow a beard at all; although not all men finds it easy growing a beard or facial hair.

Of course there are a lot of things you can do to help growing a beard. Maybe you don’t know these things; that is why someone is putting this kind of article up.

Well, the rate of growth or thickness can be dependent on a lot of various factors which is mostly genetic, it doesn’t mean you are cursed not to grow beards or you can never; it only depend on if you are ready to grow beards immediately. Growing a full beard does require a lot of commitment to be candid.

The experience can even lead you to lot of other life lessons and even lead you to a path of self discovery.

The question is usually, why growing a beard? But that doesn’t matter now, because the question now to “why not grow a beard?” so if you already want that cute beard on your chin and those nice facial hair you have longed for; or you are religious freak who want to long goatee. Throw away the clipper and the hair trimmer and let us get to business.

Before growing a beard

  • You may consider starting growing a beard during vacations or on holidays. That way, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable having your new look
  • You should not be overly concerned or be bothered about people’s opinion of your new look or style. This may discourage you. You may be surprised that most people will rather appreciate it rather than otherwise.
  • It is highly advisable that you do not shave at least for a start. You should not consider shaving at all for the first month at least to ensure the beards grow well.
  • Success requires some discipline. You should therefore be ready to accommodate itching as growing beards may often itch you; although it does not happen to everyone.
  • Do not give up; there is the common saying that quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. You should be ready to give growing your beards the time it takes or requires. Since the show does not happen by magic.

growing a beards

Tips to growing a beard

  • Keep the face clean: the skin is a very delicate part of the body. Ensure you wash it with warm water and you may consider trying out a facial cleanser every morning and evening. When you care for your skin, it does encourage some hair growth.
  • Use creams with eucalyptus: creams or skin products containing eucalyptus are very useful in aiding hair grow faster on your face.
  • Consider exfoliation: use a scrub or any exfoliant in extracting dead skin cells. This helps to stimulate new hair growth. You may consider an exfoliate mask; it really does help.
  • War against ingrown hair: ingrown hairs will not encourage facial hair to grow evenly. Try to treat any trace of ingrown hair.
  • Get plenty of rest: hairs especially on the face will grow even more quickly when you are relaxed and your mind is at rest, ensure you get plenty of it.
  • Apply Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is known to have components that aid hair growth. You can apply some daily in the areas you want the hair.
  • Protein: proteins will not only aid hair growth but will also give it the nice and curly look. Take plenty of it. Proteins are found in meats, fishes, eggs and milk.
  • Taking vitamins: the role good nutrient in your diet can not be overemphasized. Growing your beard require a lot of it. Vitamins, especially vitamin B is known to give you that dream beard. Sources of vitamins are everywhere around us. Fruits help a lot here.
  • Apply some amounts of moisturizers. Example is beard oil or other related products. But it is not advisable to use moisturizers containing alcohols as they can actually dry out your skin.
  • Do not shave your beards. Avoid those lies that when you shave, hairs grow more. Shaving will not do you any good when you are just growing a beard. Just leave the little that is there and continue your normal routine. Shaving is a no! no!



Maintaining your beard

  • It is always advisable to use a beard trimmer than shaving. Get one and learn how to use it
  • It is also advisable to shampoo your beard with the same type of shampoo you use for your head. Do not blow dry your beard, it has never been a good option recommended. It is better to pat your beard with a dry and clean towel.
  • Beards is not measured by length but by months. We have a month beard, we have three months, six months, a year beard and as long as you can keep your beard. It all depends on why you are growing your beard.

Growing a beard can be something very cool to consider. It does not only give you that mature appearance, it also does add some great incentive to your personality.

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