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Hair Clipper vs Trimmer: The Benefits of Using Each

Clipper or Trimmer? Which on should you be using.

Over the years, clipper and trimmers have been a more integral part of a man’s kit than before. You can now choose from a variety of cutters from corded, cordless, electric and manual with a few guard combs to even a 24-piece kit.

So, is there a difference between a hair clipper and a trimmer? Yes.

A hair clipper and a trimmer are closely related so it is no surprise that some people would often interchange these terms. Both have the same function, which is to trim or cut hair. So it was only a matter of time before one of the biggest brands came up with a clipper and trimmer machine that could do both functions.

Having said this, there are those that still prefer to have a specific Hair Clipper or Hair Trimmer to work with for various reasons and brands like Wahl still do this old style, like their Wahl Groom Pro Set in which you get a separate Hair Clipper and Hair Trimmer in one box.

So what are the differences between the two anyway?

Hair Clipper vs. Trimmer – The Difference

Although there are definitely some similarities for both, there are some differences between the two. A hair clipper is basically designed to cut longer hair. It often comes with several different attachments.

Each adjustment is used to determine or “adjust” the length of the hair to be cut. Because of its primary design and purpose, clippers do not usually cut very close to the skin leaving the user with very short hair.

This is when a shaver is used to get that clean-cut look, unless you are looking for that 5 o’clock shadow look. The hair clipper is often used to prepare the hair or beard for final cut and for a smoother finish.

A trimmer, on the other hand, is often used for shorter or finer hairs. It has thinner blades that make it easy to work on finer details of the hair or beard. There are some trimmers that come with attachments but most of the time the attachments are left to hair clippers.

Unlike clippers, trimmers are not primarily designed to cut thick or long hair. They are used to work on short hair and fine details.

Most trimmers do have the ability to cut the hair very close. This is one of the reasons why some would use a trimmer rather than a shaver.

Now that you know the difference between a hair clipper and a trimmer, it is easier to determine what the benefits of using each are.

Hair Clipper – The Benefits

If you are already looking like a bear with that long hair and beard, then a hair clipper is the best tool to use. A hair clipper is great for trimming long hair to a shorter hairstyle.

Most hair clippers come with various attachments including guard combs of different sizes, you will be able cut different lengths resulting in different hairstyles.

You can keep that hair longer and just trim off the edges or cut most of it off and give yourself a cleaner, professional look.

Clippers are also great alternatives to scissors. Instead of having to go to a barber to get that cut, you can easily use a hair clipper to give yourself a cut in the comfort of your own home.

Trimmers – The Benefits

Trimmers have a lot of uses if used properly. Since trimmers are made with thinner blades and are designed for closer cuts, you can replace your shaver with a trimmer.

There are some products available in the market today that can give smooth cuts giving you that clean shaven look.

Trimmers are great for styling beard hair or if you already have short hair on your head. This type of styling would not be possible with a hair clipper in most cases.

Another benefit of using trimmers and why some prefer it than hair clippers is that trimmers come with hypoallergenic blades. So, men who have sensitive skin can use trimmers.

What’s the best choice for You?

Taking the time to know the benefits of a hair clipper vs. trimmer can be important to decide which of these you really need. In some cases it’s good to invest in both types of hair cutting machines, as few extra dollars will make a whole lot of difference in your grooming results.

However, no matter if you prefer a hair clipper or a trimmer it is important to know that keeping your cutting tool in tip-top condition makes a whole world of difference to give you a clean, smooth look.

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