Most Expensive Hair Clippers

barber cutting hair with expensive hair clippers

Look, in most cases, the most expensive hair clippers can be the best hair clippers on the market, but that’s not always the case. So in this unusual post, I have gone through what seem to be …

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Best Professional Hair Clippers

Barber cleaning his professional hair clippers

These are the Best Professional Hair Clippers for Hair Stylist Salons and Barbers Walh, Oster, Panasonic and Andis are probably the 4 brands that have the best rated professional hair clippers on the market and …

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Corded VS Cordless Hair Clippers

corded vs cordless hair clippers banner

A hair clipper is a hair clipper, right, whether it is a corded or a cordless one? Well, not exactly. There seems to be some discussions on the difference between the two and if there …

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