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8 Essential Hair Styling Tools that Pros Recommend

When you have the necessary tools, it is easier to style your hair at home. That’s why we have asked the experts to give us a list of the most essential Hair Styling Tools we should have in our arsenal.

Looking through the below gadgets you just know they will get the job done.

So, what’s missing in your repertoire in order to style your hair any way you want. Let’s take a look at the essential Hair Styling Tools that top Hair Stylists just can’t live without.

Remington 3-in-1 Styler

A Flat Iron, a Curler, and a Volumizer all in one tool. Yes Please!

This Styler comes with easy-to-switch sleeves that allow for three different styles. If nothing else, this multitask tool by Remington will help you declutter.

Check it out in the below video clip.

Mason Pearson Paddle Brush

This is the Rolls Royce of brushes.

If you never heard the name before, Mason Pearson hairbrushes are made by hand, using patented techniques perfected by generations of Pearsons from over 130 years of producing high quality brushes.

The experts recommend The luxe classic. Even though the price is on the high side, we guarantee that the investment is well worth it.

Don’t just take our word for it however. See what other reviewers are saying about the Mason Pearson Hairbrush.

Ibiza G4

This round brush builds volume by lifting up the hair from the roots. The boar bristles will get rid of frizz and thanks to the easy-grip handle you will be able to create the necessary tension in the hair, which as you know, is key for smoothing during a blow-dry.

The Ibiza G4 is another must have in your arsenal of hair styling tools.​

GHD Curve Classic Wave

This curling wand is a stylist favourite, not only for the unique shape of the wand, but also for its perfectly even, heat distribution.

This means that you will manage to evenly heat the whole length of your hair and not end up just scorching the center.

The GHD Curve Classic Wave does it and much , much more for your hair. Check out the full review below.​

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

If you want the very best in blow dryers than this is the one. It is a class above the rest and that’s the reason that all celebrity stylists are using it.

This tool is so powerful that you will be amazed at the time you’ll save when drying your hair. It also comes with the ION function which ensures softness and shine for the silky-smooth static free finish.

To top it all off, the Harry Josh Blow Dryer has a special filtration system which means that energy consumption is reduced by 70 percent. Saving the planet while making yourself look beautiful. What’s not to love about the Harry Josh Pro Dryer?

​Part of the famous Harry Josh Pro tools, pro dryer 2000 reviews all give this product a big thumbs up and for good reason. Just check out the clip below.

Infiniti Pro by Conair (alternative Hair Dryer)

Ok so the Harry Josh may not be within everyone’s budget, so we came up with a more affordable alternative.

The Infiniti Pro can get as hot as the best of them, and also has a very powerful airflow to make your job easier and faster.

Hot Tools Curling Iron

Hot Tools curling iron

This is the Queen of curling irons. It’s gold-plated iron reaches over 400 degrees and to give you lasting curls.

With fast-heating function and made of durable material this tool will let you create all the types of waves you desire.

Let’s see what the Hot Tools Curling Iron is capable of. Check out this featured clip.​

Cloud Nine O Ultimate Set

cloud 9 the O

Rollers; you might have a love hate relationship with them, but one thing’s for sure; The O’s revolutionary technology will change your perspective about rollers forever.

No more waiting for rollers to heat up, no more blowdrying your rolled up hair and waiting for it to set, no more waiting. The O’s pod will heats up each roller in less than 4 seconds and thanks to its induction heating system, the rollers are hot when applied to the hair and not to the skin. Which also means, no more burnt fingers! 

​With this pack, you get the pod, 12 rollers and clips, a fabulous black carry case and the Amplify Spray. 

The O by Cloud 9 really gives you everything you need for volume, movement and body in your hair. So get ready to impress.

Tips for Using Your Hair Styling Tools Without Damaging Your Hair

We’ve shown you which tools you need. Now go through the below hair care tips to make sure your hair is stylish but also keeps healthy and strong.

1 – Wait until your Hair is Dry to use a Flat Iron

Heat styling breaks down the hair’s hydrogen bonds therefore wait until your hair is dry before using an iron. Otherwise, you may cause irreversible damage to your strands.

2 – Adjust the Temperature According to Your Hair

Adjust the temperature of your heat tool according to the thickness and texture of your hair. Thick or curly hair will require a higher heat setting and vice versa for finer hair.

When styling your hair, start with a lower heat setting and work your way up to a higher temperature setting if you find you need it.

3 – Look for Good Tools

Well we’ve shown you which are the best tools, however if you are looking for alternatives keep these tips in mind;

  • For flat irons and straighteners, look for different temperature control feature and make sure they have high quality plates. The more modern irons are now using superior technology which are far less damaging on the hair, so if you’re still using an older model maybe you deserve an upgrade.
  • Curling tongs should also offer different temperature controls. When choosing a curling iron keep in mind the size and shape of the curls you want. Smaller barrel tongs will obviously give you smaller and tighter curls, while the larger barrels will create loose waves.
  • With blow dryers, nozzles will help distribute heat more evenly. If you have curly hair, consider investing also in a diffuser head for your blow dryer to spread the heat. Make sure your hair dryer of choice gives out a powerful air flow because this will make all the difference.

4 – Protect before you Style

Apply the necessary product before heat styling your hair.

There are many hair care products designed for use with heat styling tools. Be sure to choose those that contain silicone, because this acts as a protective coating for your hair.

5 – Air Dry every now and again.

Go natural every once in a while to give your hair a break. Use a texturizing mousse or spray when air-drying your hair so as to add a little shape and volume to your style.

That’s it. Happy Hair Styling.

Leave a comment and let us know which Hair Styling Tool you’ll be investing in next?


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