Review of Hausbell R2 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Kit

Living in the age of wireless, nowadays we tend to expect that most of the products we use have the facility to work without cords. This is true also for hair clippers as we know how frustrating it can be to meneouvre the trimmer around your head and body with the cord getting in the way.

The problem with clippers however is that the rechargeable ones do not usually have the same level of power as their corded counterparts. Well things are starting to change and the Hausbell R2 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Haircut Kit is proof of this.

This clipper gives you both corded and cordless use options and you’ll find that it works perfectly well in both cases.

The Hausbell R2 is also a favourite among parents who need to give their finicky kids haircuts thanks to the sharp ceramic blades which allow for a smooth cut and no pulling. The quiet motor and low vibrations ensure that the unit doesn’t scare the little ones or any pets you want to use it on.

I found this to be also one of the best models for manscaping purposes and its double sided attachments that make it easy to work around tight places.


  • Brand: Hausbell
  • Ultra-silent & low vibration casing
  • Works both with electric cord or Cordless.
  • Titanium-plating alloy with ceramic blades which ensures long lasting effectiveness.
  • Rechargeable batteries that last up to 90 minutes of cordless shaving.
  • Taper Controlled adjustable setting allows 5 Cutting Lengths: 2.0mm, 1.7mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm, and 1.0mm
  • Battery Type: Lithium 1.2V 1200mAH
  • Product Dimension: 6.9’’ x 1.8’’ x 1.6’’; Weight 7.4 (oz)

What’s in the Box

1 User Manual
1 Trimmer
2 Guide combs 3/6mm and 9/12mm
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Power Adaptor



One of the best features of the Hausbell R2 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Haircut Kit is surely the self sharpening, precise ceramic blades. These are durable and the titanium plating alloy ensures long-lasting performance. The blades ensure a smooth and painless cut even when used on thick and curly hair. The sharp blades means that you don’t feel any pulling of the hairs or skin irritation after using it.

The Clipper enables you to get 20 different cut lengths without having to play around with various different comb attachments. In fact, thanks to the combination of its taper control, which allows for 5 positions, and the 2 guide combs you can change between various different lengths with a quick flip of your thumb.

The Hausbell R2 Hair Clipper is set as a cordless, rechargeable unit however it does have an optional power cord which means you can use it also while powered to an electric outlet. It will take 2 hours for a full charge which will then give you around 100 minutes of cordless use.

The unit itself is the perfect size. It’s not bulky, which means that the clippers will fit comfortably in your hands and given its light weight it will not tire you out when using for prolonged periods. It also makes it much easier to manoeuvre.

The motor is extremely silent and the casing allows for very Low Vibrations while in use which makes it ideal to use on young children or pets.


Even though the Hausbell R2 is a rechargeable clipper, the unit does not however have a battery life indicator on it, which makes it impossible to notice when it is fully charged.

Another thing I didn’t like about this clipper is how arduous it felt to attach the various comb guide heads to the unit. When you’re in the process of trimming your hair you don’t want to waste time playing around and fiddling with the attachments.

Compared to most other rechargeable clippers, this particular model does not come equipped with a docking station or stand on which to charge or hold the clippers. This would have been very handy and make the brand more competitive given the alternatives out there.

The unit comes with a brush to clean it, however, strangely enough it does not include a lubricating oil which is standard in most other clipper packs. Even though the oil can be easily bought separately and is quite cheap, it is relatively inconvenient.


The Hausbell R2 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Haircut Kit are very well made. In fact, I would go as far as to say that they can easily be used at a professional barbershop. Their lightweight yet sturdy casing comes in a sleek black and shiny finish and they feel comfortable in your hands to be used for prolonged periods.

I love the fact that with just 2 attachments I can vary the length in 20 different ways just by sliding the taper control with my thumb.

This Hausbell 5-piece haircutting kit has the capability to tackle all different types of hair as well as facial and body hair trimming. Its various features and the cordless option make it a very decent clipper even though we wouldn’t consider it as one of the top clippers available on the market.


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