How does Braun compare with other Brands for Hair Clippers?

braun hair clippers

When it comes to hair clippers, the first brand that comes to mind is usually a Wahl, and for good reason, given that Wahl were the pioneers who invented the electric hair clippers.

In the USA their are many brands apart from the Wahl that are best known for Hair Clippers, including the Andis, Oster and the Panasonic.

Having said this, many European brands, including Braun have come a long way when it comes to Hair Clipper industry, and have manages to create some fantastic models of Hair Clippers which have found themselves at the very top of the best clippers rankings.

It is therefore no wonder that American hair clipper review sites, like ours have includ a Braun model, amongst the other major American brands in the best Hair Clippers List.

Braun Hair Clippers are well-known for their handling and ergonomic design that make them easy to use. Most of the models are do not fall within the industry standard measurements, style and quality. They are unique in their wide blades, that makes them particularly suitable for the toughest spots to shave like the hair behind their ears.

A bit of history

Braun was born in Germany at the request of a Prussian engineer. More precisely the city is Frankfurt, the year is 1921 and the man in question is called Max Braun.

The company begins with the production of radio receivers, patented by the same founder of the group. After World War II, however, Braun’s leader decides to change the way and focus on body care products and the like.

So, in 1950 the first Braun electric razor was born . Unfortunately, Max Braun dies the following year, despite the fact that the company passed on to Max’s children and grew significantly.

Braun products come to homes all over the world. In fact, thanks to extensive production and continuous development of ideas in the field of household appliances, new offices are being created. Braun is now part of the Procter & Gamble group while maintaining its brand. There are many products named Braun that are still market leaders: hair dryers, irons, kettles, coffee machines and blenders, as well as shaving machines.

Braun Hair Cutting Machines in detail ..

Braun hair cutters are one of the jewels of the German house. For years now fashion has changed its look: one of the first to shave his head was English footballer David Beckham, after him many more, becoming a practice of young people.

Apart from aesthetics, there are many advantages to using hair clippers and trimmers, both economical and time-consuming.

The German firm then invested, as usual, a great study to create braun hair clippers worthy of it’s name. Just look at the shape to understand that these models are studied in the smallest details, Braun clipper kits have absolute quality not only for tactile practicality but above all for the quality of the finish for a good shave.

Our favorite is the Braun HC5090.

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