How to Make a Hot Towel at Home

Hot towel in a barber shop

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One of the best parts of getting a shave at the barber is the hot towel. However, if you have a Micro Touch One, there’s no need to go to the barbershop to get a perfect shave and it’s rather easy to make your own hot towel at home.  Here are several steps to prepare the towel and several different ways to heat it up:

Step 1 – Get a Towel

Simple enough. Grab a towel from around the house, preferably a rather small one. A wash cloth will also work and some people prefer it – really, any towel will do.

Step 2 – Pick an Essential Oil

Oils are used by barbers to make the towel more relaxing for the customer.

It’s not completely necessary, but is definitely preferred. You can pick whatever scent you like the best, but some suggestions of common scents for hot towels are lavender and eucalyptus.

Step 3 – Apply the Oil to your Towel

It’s important to apply the oil to the towel while it is dry. All you need is a couple of small drops around the towel for a great and refreshing smell.

Step 4 – Heat Your Towel

There are several different methods you can use for heating your towel:

  1. Running the towel under hot water. This method can be good if your faucet pumps out steaming hot water, but if it doesn’t, you might want to try another method.
  2. Microwave it. Run your towel under the faucet and ring it out until it is just a little damp. Then, throw it in the microwave for about thirty seconds and that’s it. You have a hot towel ready to go!
  3. Using hot water from the teapot. If your faucet water doesn’t get hot enough and you don’t want to use the microwave method, this could be the right method for you. Also, this step lets you also boil some additional water that you can use for your morning tea or coffee.

Step 5 – Apply to Face

Finally, apply your hot towel to your face, sit back…and enjoy!

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