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How to Use Gel on Hair

Adding gel to your hair is for one purpose only, and that is; Styling your hair! However their are ways and ways on how to use gel on hair.

Gelling your hair works wonders especially when you want a polished look or a sleek side part. It serves as a strong hold tool which is super effective for taming your hair and keeping each strand in place to make your hair crispy.

Applying gel isn’t difficult, when you have your ideal hair style in mind. Whether you’re simply trying to tame your frizz, or you want to have a particularly dashing look for your next formal event, hair gel may become your new best friend.

How to Use Gel on Hair: The Process

Purchase a high quality gel product

If you’re going to do it at all, you might as well do it right, and with the right materials.

So, to get desired results, make sure that you purchase a good quality gel product.

Here’s one thing you should know though; hair gels are categorized by the thickness of the compound and the power of the hold.

You might not notice the difference in their color or scent, so you should probably read the labels or ask the vendor before purchase.

Also, while most gels are applied with finger tips, there are a few of them that are spray-on models. Pick anyone that takes your fancy, depending on the style you want or any other preference.

Basically, there are light, medium-hold and thick gels in the market today.

* The light type of gel is usually foamy and effective for playing a messy and playful look and allows for some action in your hair. In other words, it doesn’t hold all the way down.

* A medium-hold type of gel is the normal type of gel mostly purchased by hair stylists and concerned folks.

* The thick type of gel gives your hair a firm look. It can be so firm that you might not be able to run your hands through them.

Sometimes, that’s just what you might need to create that look that you so desire.

Wash your hair thoroughly

It is very important to thoroughly wash your hair before applying gel to it.

man washing hair before putting gel

Applying gel to a dirty hair can make the gel less effective and make your efforts a waste of time.

A clean hair accommodates the gel freely and makes the creation of your style much easier.

The use of shampoos and conditioners for washing your hair before gelling is highly recommended.

However, you don’t have to dry your hair all the way after washing it. A damp hair accommodates more gel than a dry one.

Choose a hairstyle

This might sound strange, but it is always preferable to choose the style you want to rock before applying the gel at all.

By doing so, you would know the right amount of gel to apply to you hair to avoid complications.

Applying too much gel might make it look messy, but if you’ve chosen a style and you know what you’re aiming for, you will be very close to perfection.

Apply the gel

This part that you’ve been waiting for is quite simple.

Scoop out a little of the gel, rub between your palms until it’s a bit warm and apply to your hair.

scoop a little hair gel

Depending on how thick and long your hair is, you’ll need to use an appropriate amount of be sure to spread it evenly across your fingertips.

Remember, you can always add more, but it’s hard to get hair gel out of your hair without rewashing, so go easy and Style your hair according to the look you’re going for (as aforementioned).

Generally, you should start with the gel just above your hairline, and work it back towards the crown of your head or the nape of your neck.

Use your fingers to apply the gel, and if desired, use a comb to better incorporate the gel afterwards.

Make sure that there is a thorough and even distribution of gel throughout your hair for a more desirable look.

Style your hair

After applying the gel to your hair, run your fingers through them according to the style you have chosen.

man uses gel on hair

Some of the various styles you could consider are detailed below;

* The messy and informal look is quite the easiest and works just fine for days you want to look casual, yet well styled, especially when you don’t have much time to style your hair.

The best gel for this type of look would be a lighter gel, and the best type of hair would be medium-length hair of moderate thickness.

A brush or comb comes in handy for this style. Run the comb through your gelled hair, just as you would normally, to give it the casual, yet, styled look.

* The classic slicked-back look requires the same procedure. You might just have to comb backwards all through the gelling process.

You can also twist your hair with your fingers to encourage curls.

To give curly or wavy hair extra volume especially at the roots, flip your head over to scrunch the gel in evenly.

This look is best for special occasions and formal settings, and can be achieved with a heavy amount of gel and a fine-tooth comb.

This type of look works best with medium-longish hair of moderate thickness.

It can emphasize a receding hairline, so be cautious if things aren’t quite as thick up there as they used to be.

* The Spike is more common among dudes, especially those who are fans of rock music.

man applying gel on hair

This style is considered to be casual, so it wouldn’t be appreciated in formal gatherings, say, a job interview.

Run your fingers upwards on your gelled hair, pulling it away from your head, making a firm stop to create lasting spikes.

Repeat the same procedure twice with a little amount of gel, after the initial spikes appear to be dry.

This style best suits hairs with medium length and moderate thickness. Hair sprays and various slick back styles are recommended for longer hairs.

Dry gelled hair

Allow your gelled hair to dry before any major activity, that is, before you leave the premises.

You can use electric blowers for quick dry if you’re in a hurry


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