How to Wash Hair With Shampoo

How to wash hair with shampoo

Which is the proper way to wash hair with shampoo? What is the best shampoo for your hair? Which shampoo do you think is better – a shampoo that suds a lot or one that doesn’t?

Well, many people think that the shampoo that suds is a lot better. However, the fact is that it is not any better. So, you might ask what are suds for then? The only function of suds is to spread the cleansing agent evenly over the entire head.

Manufacturers have become aware of the consumer’s preference for sudsy shampoos and market shampoos that are highly sudsy. The consumer feels that this kind of shampoo is of better quality. Actually a very sudsy shampoo has two disadvantages.

First, the extremely sudsy shampoo takes much longer to rinse out of your hair, resulting in excessive use of water. Secondly, with so many suds the hair doesn’t seem to get as clean.

The Right Way to Wash Hair with Shampoo

The proper way to shampoo your hair is to rinse it first. Then deposit the shampoo into the palm (in the amount of a twenty-five cent piece) of your hand, distributing it over both palms and throughout your hair to ensure that it is evenly applied.

Now massage your scalp. By the way, how hard you rub your scalp has little influence on how clean your hair becomes.

The interaction between the water and the shampoo will remove oil and dirt particles from your scalp and hair. The first shampoo accomplishes most of the cleansing.

If the hair is dirty, there will hardly be any suds. If this is the case, you should rinse and apply a second shampoo. This time you will need half the amount of shampoo.

Most of the time shampooing once is enough.

What is the Best Shampoo

To answer the question “What is the best shampoo” we must look at the basics of shampoo and not at the brand of a shampoo. Just because a shampoo has a wonderful scent for example does not make it better.

You are the judge. The shampoo you choose, for you, will be the best shampoo. This will also depend if you have long hair or short hair, or maybe you have thinning hair and in that case you would want to go for a shampoo with DHT blockers.

Rain water by itself is not able to clean your hair. You need the action of a shampoo to accomplish that.

A shampoo with wheat germ does not add to the cleansing action of the shampoo nor is it of any use to your hair.


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