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Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

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Men Hair Removal body creams are a quick and easy way to remove body hair. In only three minutes, the best hair removal cream free you of unwelcome body hair without the need to even use a razor or trimmer.

5 of the Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

In this post I review the top 5 best hair removal creams for men.

Now keep in mind that every man has different skin sensitivity so you will need to adapt the hair removal cream that is best suited for your skin type.

Hopefully the reviews below can you help you make the right choice for your need.

Nair Men Hair Removal Body Cream

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Nair Men Hair Removal body cream is designed using a highly effective and quick hair removal formula. This body cream works excellent on large body areas.

Nair Review

Nair Men Hair Removal body cream does not affect the characteristics of the hair, like hair thickness. It also does not affect how quick the hair will grow. The body cream is effective for the removal of short hair. When using Nair Men Hair Removal body cream, it will dissolve the hair below the surface of the skin, leaving smooth skin for days.

Nair men hair removal body cream is for every man out there with a busy schedule who wants to get rid of undesirable hair on the body. You will definitely shave some time off from your shaving schedule without using a razor! Nair Men Hair Removal body cream is ideal for removing hair from your legs and the rest of your body. That should be a welcome relief for professional athletes, as well.

After using Nair Men Hair Removal body cream, you must wait 72 hours before reapplying. That should not be a problem, because your hair will only grow back in about a week or so, give or take a day. So for someone spending lots of time on a shaving schedule, that would make things much easier.

Nair men hair removal body cream is available in a 13 oz container with a handy pump for quick and easy application. Nair Men Hair Removal Body Cream is available in select food and drug retail stores.
With the specially designed formula of the body cream, you will have days of smooth, irritation-free skin.

Pump it out on your hand and apply a thick even layer, covering the hair. Be sure to apply on dry skin. Don’t rub it in. Wait a minute before showering, then shower with your normal routine. Stay out of a direct stream of water. Wait another two minutes, then wipe the cream and hair off with a damp washcloth, but do not rub. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry, and you’re done. It’s a good idea to test on a small patch of skin before use.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Lasts longer than shaving
  • Works for all body hair
  • Stays on in the shower


  • Not for all skin types
  • Expensive for most

Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream

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This hair removal cream for men by Nad is made with a painless hair removing experience in mind. If you are looking for an easy, painless way to remove unwanted hair from your body, Nad’s hair removal cream for men is just the way to go.

Nad’s Review

It is suitable for removing dark, thick body hair. It also works well on both long and short hair. Nad’s hair removal cream for men is for you if it is your aim to remove unwelcome hair from the body without the pain and irritation of shaving with a razor.

Nad’s hair removal cream for men comes in a 6.8 oz squeeze-out tube for quick and easy use. This product is available at all major food and drug store outlets.

The extra strength formula of Nad’s hair removal cream for men makes it very suitable for coarse body hair types. This hair removal cream may also be used on all skin types. Nad’s hair removal cream for men is ideal for leg, back, chest, arm, and body hair removal. It dissolves the hair just beneath the skin to leave you with smooth, hair-free skin for days.

Apply Nad’s hair removal cream for men generously to the appropriate area. Completely cover the hair with a thick layer of cream. Leave the cream on for about 4 minutes. Wipe cream and hair away with a tissue or paper towel. Always test a small area before actual use.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for coarse hair
  • Not too expensive


  • Chemical burns may occur on sensitive skin

Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream

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Veet is a well-known household name for hair removal products and, as is usually the case, they do not disappoint when it comes to hair removal products for men.

Veet Review

The gentle formula of Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream makes it an ideal hair removal cream for sensitive skin. With the inclusion of aloe vera and Argan oil, Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream is a good moisturizer for sensitive skin. It is also reported that it has no irritating after-effects.

Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream is for those people with sensitive skin that may not be able to use the strong formulas of other hair removal products.

Included in the package when purchasing Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream is a 200ml tube of cream and one spatula. Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream is available at most fine food and drug retail stores.
The gentleness of Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream makes it ideal for hair removal in the more sensitive regions.

It leaves no irritation and keeps sensitive skin moisturized. The hair removal formula of Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream makes it a favorable hair removal cream for effective and quick hair removal. Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream works close to the roots of short hair and long hair. The improved formula includes aloe vera and vitamin E, which is known for its soothing effects.

To allow Veet Sensitive Skin Men’s Depilatory Cream to be most effective, make sure the skin is completely clean and dry. To apply the cream, use the curved part of the spatula to apply evenly and coat the hair. Leave cream on the skin for three minutes. Use the spatula to gently take off the cream from a small test area.

If the hair is coming off the area, you can remove all of the cream. If the hair is not coming off, just let the cream remain on the skin for another two minutes, then test again. If you are using the sensitive formula, then leave the cream on for six minutes. Finally, rinse the skin completely with water and dry.


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove


  • Only for sensitive skin types

The Bare Pair King Kombo – Body Hair Cream

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Made for and by men, the Bare Pair King Kombo – Body Hair Management System claims to be just the thing for men. The Bare Pair King Kombo – Body Hair Management System is a dual treatment for body hair removal.

Bare Pair King Review

The Bare Pair King Kombo – Body Hair Management System is meant for men who want to remove unruly hair with no fuzz. It is for those men who want to get rid of stubborn hair with ease and gentleness, while also protecting the skin.

This System includes the hair removal cream, which comes in an 8 oz squeeze tube, and the calm balm, provided in a 4 oz squeeze tube. Also included in the package are slick sticks and a scrubbing glove to remove the hair with.

The Bare Pair King Kombo – Body Hair Management System is designed to make the hair removal process as painless as possible. This hair removal system is, according to the designers, tested and calibrated to achieve unparalleled sensitivity. Couple that with the unusual hair removing power of The Bare Pair King Kombo – Body Hair Management System, and you have a painless hair removal system for even the most sensitive spots.

You start with the bare balm and follow the instructions supplied. The hair will be removed in minutes. Then follow up with the calm balm to protect the skin for real smoothness.


  • Fast-acting
  • Very effective for thinner hairs
  • All the necessary tools included


  • Not easy to use
  • Not effective with thick hair


To make a satisfactory conclusion of the products mentioned, after only a brief summary of each and a quick look at each item’s features, is going to take some consideration. We took a look at all the features, positive and negative, and the products that respond better to the tests thrown at them will prevail. The main features of the products will be ease of application and prolonged effects after use.

All of these products may have inconvenient after-effects due to the nature of their chemical ingredients, and it will be the readers’ responsibility to make sure and pre-test the product before continuous use. We hope that you will find the right product for your specific case and skin type among these products.

After taking into consideration the well-known name of Veet and the positive features of the Veet Sensitive Skin Men Depilatory Cream, it is a definite favorite, along with Nair Men Hair Removal Body Cream, whose positive features also makes it a good product to choose. All of these products come highly recommended by satisfied customers.

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