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How to Shave your Armpits

Before we get into the details let’s answer a common question.

Should men shave armpits?

It’s always a personal choice for a guy to shave his armpits. I personally prefer to keep a bit of hair under there (as do some women I know!) but for some men it just feels better to shave it all off as they feel cleaner.

One thing is for sure, if you tend to sweat a lot, shaving your armpit hairs will reduce the odour and therefore you’re going to smell less.​

I will show you how to do it properly, so that you don’t look like these fools…

How to Shave your Armpits

Now let’s get back to the main topic at hand. How to shave your armpits.

to tackle this area first you have to get familiar with your anatomy there. Feel around and understand the different angles are the dimensions and once you’re doing that you also want to understand how the hair grows and it’s patterns

Why? Because you always want to shave with the grain first and then, if you want to go back, you can go against the grain for a close shave.

Let’s look at the 4 steps to shave your armpits.​

Step 1: Trim

As always, this depends on your under arm hair length. If you don’t already shave regularly then your hair will be long and therefore you’re going to want to trim it first.

man trimming armpits before shaving them

Step 2: Clean and hydrate with a body wash

Before you start shaving you can either use a shaving gel or a body wash. Something like the Gillette 2-in-1 body wash will do the trick.

It has nice aroma to it, and ensures that the blade glides effortlessly without tugging on your skin.

Step 3: Start Shaving

Shave in smooth, light strokes. Remember to get the water running because every time you take a stroke with your razor it will have some hair buildup and therefore you’ll need to rinse that blade off.

Open your arm high above your head so that you stretch your skin and get a nice working area, as flat as possible.

Now get that razor and begin shaving.

Just remember, small strokes, rinse, repeat.

When you’ve pretty much done shaving with the grain, then you can go a second time against the grain to get the smoothest shave possible.

You shouldn’t be feeling any discomfort at all and throughout this whole process, you want to maintain just enough pressure, not too much, not too little.

Maintain contact on your skin utilizing the entire surface area of the razor. At some point, you’re going to want to rinse the area even though you’re just half way through.

This way you clean the skin and can see clearly which part you still have to shave since it’s can get misleading when you have all these loose hairs hanging around.

Step 3: Dry and Moisterize

Once you’re ready from the razor, you’re going to want to pad it dry for the final step.

Apply moisturizer on the freshly shaved armpits.

Conclusion – The 6 Steps to Manscaping  

Whichever area of your body you’re going to shave, chest, back, armpits, or even shaving your balls, the basics requirements are always the same.

Here’s the 6 essential steps to Manscaping, in other words, the best way to shave your armpits, and any other body area.

1. Use cream or shaving gel. They enable the razor to slide more quickly and prevent ingrown hairs.

2. Use quality razors designed for the job. A razor with more blades and a flexible head will make the task easier and helps to avoid scratches.

3. Trim the hair. Before shaving, shorten the hair with scissors or an electric body trimmer.

4. Take a shower of hot bath before the shave. The warm water softens the hairs and makes shaving easier.

5. Shave in small strokes and rinse the blade repeatedly. If you clog the blades with the loose hairs, the blades will struggle to do their job and this can easily cause scratching.

6. Always moisturize the shaved area when ready.​


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