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How to Shave your Back

Your back is one of the most difficult places to shave, for obvious reasons. So, unless you are a professional contortionist, the first thing that you want to do is get an assistant.

Somebody you really trust. Your partner, your best friend, your neighbor or maybe the one night stand that woke up beside you this morning.

Whoever you choose just make sure that it’s somebody you’re comfortable with.

back hair shaved image

This guy should not have trusted his artistic buddy!

Just for the sake of full disclosure, it must be pointed out that there are alternatives, if you can’t find someone to help you when it comes to shaving your back.

These alternatives come in the form of DIY back shavers, like the ones seen below which can be purchased from

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Now, I have actually tried one of these products and I even wrote a post about it. I can honestly say that I was surprised on how effective it was, however, at the end of the day, none of these tools will give you as precise a shave as getting someone to help you.

So getting someone else to do it for you is always the preferred method.

Having said this, it’s good to know that there are other options out there in case you are too shy to ask anyone or when there’s no-one available.

So, for the best results this should be a 2 person job. Let’s look at the exact steps to shave your back.

Step 1: Get an assistant

Find someone you trust and schedule a time that suits both of you.

Step 2: Trim (if necessary).

Once again, if it’s been a while since your last shave, or if you’re shaving your back for the first time then you’re going to want to trim those longer hairs before you start shaving.

Step 3: Get your back hair hydrated

This will make the shave a lot more comfortable. Wet hair will allow the razor to glide a lot smoother.

Step 4: Apply Shaving Gel

After you wet your back hair, apply some shave gel or body wash back there to soften your hair. I recommend the Gilette body gel so you don’t feel those blades directly on your body

Step 5: Shave

The main event.

A Body Razor is ideal since it is designed specifically for the body and its rounded head allows to shave at different angles.

Give the razor to your assistant and guide them to the perfect shaved back. The best way to shave your back is to go, is from the spine out and from the top all the way down the back,

Don’t forget the lower back where you have that nice little patch.

Remember if you feel any tugging or pulling, then that means it’s probably time to change the blade.

Keep going until you get through all the back. Look at that, I forgot I had a tattoo back here!

Step 6: Dry and Apply Moisturizer

Really? I know, this is all starting to get a little less manly than you want it too, but believe me, It will feel so good and you’ll feel more comfortable with your body and with your shave after your assistant slaps on some moisturizer on your back.

This will prevent a dry, itchy back after the shave is over.

And there you have it. Just a few, easy steps and you have a nice, clean, sexy back. Now strike a pose!

Oh, and guys, don’t forget to thank your assistant.

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