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Nose Hair Removal Methods

Some of you might think that a nose/ear trimmer is the only nose hair removal method out there. While this is the most popular, there are other alternatives out there.

Some are more permanent like laser nose hair removal and other are definately more painful, like nose hair waxing.

In this post we will be going through the nose hair removal methods available. Some can easily be done at home but others should be done by professionals.

Whichever method you choose, you definitely need to keep those nose hairs under control.

As you get older you will need to start paying attention to these small details and resign to actually having to spend more time on your grooming rituals out of necessity.

Nose and ear hairs sticking out uncontrollably will grab people’s attention for the wrong reasons, and this is something you definitively need to avoid.

How to Get Rid of Nose Hair

Just like any other manscaping technique, there is a right way and a wrong way of trimming those unwanted nose hairs and we will show you which is which and why you don’t want to be using bad nose hair removal methods.

The wrong ways

There are 2 common methods of removing nose hair which we do not recommend at all. These are tweezing, and even worst, nose hair waxing. Let’s see why.

Tweezing Nose Hairs

Do not Tweeze. This is extremely painful and harmful.

Your nose hairs are there for a reason. They have 2 very important functions.

  • First, they stop dust and gross particles in the air from being inhaled into your body.
  • Secondly they stop mucus from coming out of your body.

So if you tweeze your hair away entirely you are going to end up with a constant runny nose, and your body is going to be inhaling a lot more junk.

So keep that tweezer for other parts, but stop using your tweezer on your nose hairs.

Nose Hair Waxing

Compared to all other methods, removing nose hair by waxing it off is expensive, painful and not convenient at all since you have to go to a salon every time you need to get rid of nose hairs. This also causes the same problems mentioned above since you’re essentially removing all the hair from your nose.

At this stage you are probably wondering .. ‘how the hell does nose hair waxing work? Well, to answer your question, take a look at this video clip which will show you how it’s done and hopefully put you off ever trying this nose hair removal method.

The Right Way to Remove Excessive Nose Hair

The proper way is not to remove the nose hair completely but shorten your nose hairs.

The easiest way to keep those rogue nose hairs in line is to use an automatic nose hair trimmer, however there are other tools which can be helpful and in the end it’s up to you to decide which method you are more comfortable with.

Let go through the correct methods of nose hair trimming.

Choose the Best Nose Hair Trimmer for You

Battery-powered Circular Nose Hair Trimmers

Automatic nose hair trimmers are usually of two types, either with a circular blade or a non-circular head trimmer.

A Circular trimmer like the Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer can be used for both nose and ears trimming. This is the best nose hair trimmer in my opinion.

Why? Well, most circular nose trimmers will have a protective guard on the head so that there are no exposed blades and these trimmers are extremely easy to use.

This model in particular also has a vacuum built into it so as you trim your hairs the vacuum absorbs them immediately, which means it keeps things cleaner and you don’t have to worry about where your nose hair is flying off to.

This vacuum technology is extremely convenient; Remington even has it in its Hair Clippers now. Check this out!

The best thing about the vacuum is that you can use it on the go, even in the car on your way to the office, however we do not recommend you use it if you take the train or the bus to work.

The Panasonic, like most other automatic nose hair trimmers, is designed specifically to keep your nose hair at a standard length, which makes your nose look clean and at the same time lets the nose hairs do the job that nature intended.

Panasonic nose hair trimmer

So with a circular trimmer you do not have to worry about how long the nose hairs are growing. If you used it a day before or a month before, whenever you use it again, the trimmer will cut the hairs right to their functional length. Keeping them short and out of sight but still allows them to do their job.

Battery-powered Non-circular Nose Hair Trimmers

These type of clippers do not have the covered circular blades and instead have a straight blade, usually with 2 removal heads, one catered for nose hairs and another to trim the ear hairs.

With this type of trimmer you have to attach the trimmer head you want to use depending on whether you’re going to tackle your nose or ear hairs, or touch up any other inherent hairs along your face.

If you prefer the non circular nose hair trimmers then I would recommend you go for the Philips Norelco Precision Trimmer.

Philips Norelco Precision nose hair Trimmer

The advantage of the non-circular trimmers is that you avoid the occasional nose hair pulling that sometimes you feel with the circular blades, which is quite painful.

The Philips Norelco range are popular for their wet&dry feature, meaning that you can use this range of products also in the shower. Their range also includes, body shavers, beard trimmers and electric shavers.

In my opinion, this is by far the best nose hair trimmer option for men.

Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

As an alternative to the electric version, one can also find manual nose hair trimmers like the Erbe Solingen Nose Hair Trimmer.

Erbe Solingen Nose Hair Trimmer manual nose hair trimmer

This is a precision tool that does exactly what it is made for. It is not battery powered, so it will never run out of power but it involves some manual work on your part. You basically just stick it up in your nose and turn the louver at the bottom.

Given that this is a precision tool you should be very careful when handling it because the blade length settings can quickly get disrupted which would lose its effectiveness.

Nose Hair Scissors

Another recommendation for nose hair trimming is to have a pair of nose hair scissors. You will know that these scissors are made for your nose because they have a rounded top. You’ll agree that it would be a bad idea to poke a pair of sharp scissors into your nostrils where you can’t see what you are doing.

So, when choosing grooming scissors for precision cutting the number one rule is to make sure they have round edges.

A pair of scissors like the Tweezerman stainless steel facial hair scissors will do the job.

tweezerman facial hair scissors

I’ve been using these for a while and find them extremely handy when I sometimes find that one long nose hair poking out into the light. A quick snip to trim half of it and forget about it.

Relieve the pain of any Ingrown nose hairs 

A final word of warning.

Nose hairs tend to become a bit sharp when you trim them and this might cause some irritation and worst of all possible ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are extremely irritating and sometimes painful but you can relief any paid by following these simple steps.

  1. Take a piece of cloth and run it under hot water. Once it’s feels warm enough not to burn you, wrap it around your index finger and place it gently inside your nose to moisten the inner skin. Keep it there for a few minutes and reheat the cloth if necessary.
  2. Keep the cloth around your finger and insert it into your nose again but this time perform circular movements along the inside of your nostrils, just as you would do if you were picking your nose. This serves to loosen any ingrownhair from underneath your skin.
  3. To avoid any infections in your nostrils dab a cotton swab with alcohol and rub it in the effected area where the ingrown hair is found.
  4. Applying antiseptic creams will help to kill any bacteria and also softens any sharp hairs in your nose.

So there you have it. No more excuses now.

We have given you all the information you need to arm yourself with the ultimate nose hair grooming kit.

Take care of those rogue hairs and to ensure you are on top of your nose hair grooming regiment we recommend that you dedicate some time for this at least once a week.

Keep to this plan and you’ll stop mesmerizing people with your hairy nostrils.


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