Merkur Adjustable Safety Razors: Reviews and Usage Tips

merkur adjustable safety razors

Thinking of getting yourself an adjustable safety razor but you don’t know which of the adjustable safety razor you should buy? Do not sweat it I have got you covered.

I would write a short review of the best three adjustable safety razors in this post, and hopefully the information provided would go a long way in getting you an adjustable safety razor that suit your need.

Before I dive into specific reviews of various adjustable safety razors, let me digress a little bit about the benefit of shaving with a safety razor rather than electric shaver or cartridge.

Safety razors are cheap which means you don’t have to break your piggy bank before getting one. On the other hand, electric shavers are not only expensive to procure but they also come with heavy recurring charges. Once you get a safety razor, the only thing that you would change every now and then is the blade, which are ridiculously cheap.

Safety razor gives you a clean and matured shave. You get to preserve you skin from burns and other forms of cut; and also from ingrown hair when you use a safety razor for shaving.

Although there are various types of safety razors, they all perform the same function regardless of their specification; be it the length of the handle or they type of head housing the blade.

Here is my pick of the best adjustable safety razor with a short review based on actual user experience.


Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

adjustable safety razor

It is made of metal all through and the head holds heat for quite sometimes, making it possible to have a hot wet shave by putting the razor under running hot water before using against your skin.

It is heavy which a good indication of quality material is, and as a result, you do not have to put much pressure on the handle before getting the clean and proper shave that you desire

Merkur futur adjustable safety razor like other merkur adjustable shaves in two to three passes without skin irritation.

The inclination of the blade edge against the skin is close to perfection and gives a close shaving with no irritation; even on a young beard, you would appreciate the inclination the more when shaving heavy stubble. The low setting is awesome for a less aggressive shave on stubble.

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Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor:

It’s the cheapest of the adjustable safety razor produced by merkur, with simple mechanism. It is a two-piece razor with similar mechanism to the merkur fixed head razor.

The simple design mechanism is responsible for its rugged look.

The adjustment navel serves as the way to remove the top of the razor for blade replacement. It has a small adjustment scale with wide range of adjustment.

It has no standard adjustment scale compared to other adjustable razor. Merkur progress bends the blade and makes it very easy to hold against the skin at a shallow angle compared to other adjustable safety razor. It’s one of the most commonly used adjustable safety razor.


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adjustable safety razor

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor:

It is a well-engineered work of art and currently the most expensive and most complex adjustable safety razor produced by merkur. It has two knobs; the lower knob opens and closes the razor while the upper knob adjusts the exposure of the blade against the skin.

It has a spring loaded top, making it easy to load blade into it. The heaviness of the merkur futur makes it easy to shave with, because you will not feel like mounting much pressure on the razor before getting the job done.

The razor has a specific gap setting for each gap, which means the setting would remain constant all through shaving. Merkur Futur is well weighted and capable of giving you a baby smooth shaving.

Merkur Futur adjustable safety razor is generally regarded as the razor for the most seasoned user.

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How to Use Adjustable Safety Razor:

There is a slight difference between fixed head razor usage and adjustable safety razor usage, and here is how to use an adjustable safety razor.

Set and Forget:  Try few settings of the gap difference and settle for the one that works best for you. Try until you get it right.

If level one is not getting the job done as appropriate, try the next gap level. When you discover the right level that works best for you, take note and stick to it.

Do not go more than half scale: When trying out the gap scale, do not just jump the scale all at once to a higher one. You might end up with skin cut at use. Rather, try half scale increase until you find the right gap scale for your beards.

Most adjustable safety razors are considerably heavy weighted, so you should be mindful of the pressure you mount on the handle when the razor is against your skin.

Using an adjustable safety razor can provide a new dimension to the traditional wet shave. Take for instance; if you love warm/hot shaving, most adjustable safety razors have metallic head with good heat conducting capability.

You can place the head under running hot water for some seconds before using the razor on your skin.

Another  adjustable safety razor is the Gillette vintage model which are not available in store again, except on auction on various online stores. Gillette Adjustable was popular in l950 to 1960, they’re completely metals but later phased out in late 70’s. They have narrow range of settings.

In taking care of your adjustable safety razor, always loosen the knob and rinse several times with water to remove the soap lather from every nooks and craning of the safety razor. The merkur vision adjustable safety razor has been shown to rust at the knob when soap lather is abandoned on it for a long time.

Cleaning it does not only help prevent possible rusting, it also protect your safety razor from being invested by bacteria and other types of germs.

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