Why do we use Moisturizers?

why we use moisturizers

The water content of the skin varies but for the epidermis it is approximately 80%, this is the same water content as in other cells. The very surface of the skin, the stratum corneum, is made up of dead skin cells and this layer is much drier, with the water content varying between 10-30%. The […]

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Cellulite Treatment – What You Should Know

cellulite cream ingredients to look for

If there is an area where the false claims are going rampant in the skin care product market is the one concerning the treatment of cellulite. Many marketers are making false claims trying to sell cellulite products which clearly contain no cellulite fighting ingredients. In some marketers’ mind, if the ingredients have enough publicity on […]

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The benefits of Shea butter in Skin Care

shea butter in skin care

Women need to understand how to treat the skin gently and effectively, we’re contending with the ozone layer, the environment and the natural aging process. If a woman cleanses properly, moisturizes and exfoliates gently, she can have healthier skin for a long time to come. Shea Butter is the latest Trend and an Alternative to […]

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The Natural Protection of the Skin

natural skin anti aging

Oxidative processes are all around us. As the metabolism of every living organism depends on conversions of chemicals with a high energetic content, and oxidation is involved in every cell, it is no wonder that nature has learnt to cope with oxidative systems and exploit them for energy production. On the other hand, our life […]

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How to Make Your Own Skin Care Product

First Clean your kitchen sink real good…..Just kidding In the good old days it might just had started this way. Today with modern technology it has became more difficult. But you can still do it with normal kitchen utensils just make sure they are very clean. Every cosmetic lab has one day or another bought […]

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Hair Loss in Women

I want to outline a few facts about hair loss that may come as a surprise and then offer some real practical advice as to what you can do about it before it is too late. It’s not only men that suffer from hair loss and as there are men hair loss shampoos and other […]

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Barber Chairs: Styles And Cost

Whether you want to perform hair cuts and hair styling from the comfort of your own home, own your own small salon or own a large salon with a huge staff, finding the barber chairs that you need is easier than you might imagine. Thanks to the Internet, comparing and contrasting different models and prices […]

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Become A Hair Sylist


Have you dreamed of being in the exciting world of the Hair industry? Always wanted to own your own Salon? Hair Stylist are in great demand, people always want someone else to make them more attractive and beautiful. Becoming a Hair Stylist you’ll become that person that everyone calls when they need some help to […]

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Male Ear Hair Removal

ear hair removal

No, God didn’t make a mistake in putting hairs in your nose and ears. The hairs are there for a very good reason. They filter air and keep unnecessary dirt out plus they help us with our hearing. Pretty clever plan. But fur us men, there is a downside. Although nobody knows why, hairs growing out […]

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Factors to Consider when Buying a Barber Chair

If you want clients to come over and over again you need to give them a complete hair-cutting experience. It’s not just about the cut but the whole round experience they get when they come to your shop. For obvious reasons, your barber skills are the most important factor, however other variables, like how you […]

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