Philips Norelco 1150x 46 Shaver Review

Philips have a long standing in the shaving world, and are known for their adaptive and intuitive designs that work seamlessly, enabling the user to go above and beyond ‘the norm’. You will see from other real users’ reviews (click here) that most would recommend this shaver, the Norelco 1150x 46, and state that it gives a good shave, and on a budget.

At first glance, it would seem that this shaver offers very good value for money, incorporating many higher-end products’ features into a low budget shaver – much like the Norelco AT830. However, does it measure up to the other Norelco shavers and to other budget shavers?

Striding ahead – the top 3 Philips Norelco features

GyroFlex 2D

Like its older brother, the Norelco 1RQ1290, this shaver uses GyroFlex technology to adapt to the contours of the face. The 1RQ1290 uses GyroFlex 3D – the three circular shaving heads move independently of one another – whereas this shaver, the Norelco 1150x, uses GyroFlex 2D, where the three heads are joined together, acting as one head that is flexible. This contour adaption technology is good, and measures up favourably to many other shavers, but it’s not quite as good as GyroFlex 3D, predictably.

SuperLift & Cut

Many shavers can’t cope with flat or level-lying hairs. Either completely missing them or causing skin irritation, designs were deeply flawed. However, Philips’ SuperLift & Cut, a technology that lifts hairs that lie flat, cuts hairs perfectly, even in trouble areas.

Aquatec Technology

Philips’ aquatec technology that comes as standard with its shavers. This not only allows the shaver to – like many of its fellow shavers, such as the Remington XR1370 or the Braun Series 7 790cc – give wet and dry shaves, but it also means that the shaver is actually 100% waterproof.

This doesn’t only mean that you won’t get a shock if you accidentally drop it in the sink or the bath. Nor does it simply mean that you can achieve a wet shave without having to turn to a razor blade. Its biggest implication is that it can be rinsed in its entirety under running water. Cleaning is, therefore, as easy as a quick dunk.

The full run-down


  • 100% waterproof Aquatec design that allows both wet shaving and easy cleaning
  • DualPrecision shaving system that adapts to the contours of the face and cuts both long hair and short stubble
  • SuperLift & Cut technology that picks up even flat or level-lying hairs and cuts them at the base, delivering the closest of shaves
  • Pivoting GyroFlex 2D heads that offer both speed and comfort
  • Cheap replacement blades that are easy to install and use


  • Full battery charge cycle is only 40 minutes, compared to the industry standard of one hour
  • Rather lacking in features – a very limited battery meter, for example
  • There is no all-singing, all-dancing dock – even some other lower to mid-range shavers from other brands, such as the Braun Series 7 790cc, included this self-cleaning docking system as standard.

 The bottom line – cheap and cheerful

The price tag of this shaver is incredibly low, which places it in the lower to mid-range bracket. Bearing this in mind, the shaver is exceptional value for money – it does what it says on the tin and does it effortlessly.

However, the big drawback is the lack of features. There is no LED display warning you that you’re ten minutes away from a charging crisis, there is no self-cleaning dock, and there is little in the way of visible features to put it in a league of its own, aesthetics-wise. Much like the Norelco AT830, the Norelco 1150x is cheap and good, but not quite worth writing home about.

Philips have recently come out with the OneBlade range. This device looks like a regular shaving blade but it’s electric and is more of a hybrid between a shaver and a trimmer. Check out our OneBlade review post for full details.

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