Philips Norelco 4500 Review – Best Mid Range Shaver?


Philips is a very respectable brand, known for their superior digital appliance quality. They have a long standing in this world, especially for their adaptive and intuitive designs that work seamlessly, enabling the user to go above and beyond ‘the norm’.

Philips Norelco PowerTouch with Aquatec AT8301 300x300

You will find from other users’ Amazon reviews that most would recommend this shaver, the Norelco 4500, since it gives a good shave and is very reasonably priced.

Looking at the features, it really can be easily seen why this shaver offers very good value for money, incorporating many higher-end products’ features into a low budget shaver.

However, the question we want to answer is …. does it measure up?

Often, shavers that aim to tick the boxes of higher-end products end up falling short – we need to look into the details.

Does the Norelco AT830 compare favourably with its fellow low-budget shavers?

Well, the answer is a resounding Yes and we will show you why, however before we dive into the detailed review, let’s check out the summary box.

Philips Norelco AT830/41 Shaver 4500, Rechargeable Wet/Dry Electric Shaver, with Pop-up Trimmer & Cleaning Brush, Frustration Free Packaging
5,789 Reviews
Philips Norelco AT830/41 Shaver 4500, Rechargeable Wet/Dry Electric Shaver, with Pop-up Trimmer & Cleaning Brush, Frustration Free Packaging
  • Designed with your skin in mind, Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 lets you shave any way you want for a comfortable dry shave or refreshing wet shave with...
  • Protect your skin with our unique Dual Precision shaving system to deliver a smooth shave that's gentle on your skin; The Philips Norelco Shaver 4500...
  • The pivot, flex & float heads follow every contour of your face to remain in close contact with skin for a fast shave that's also gentle on your skin

Striding ahead – the top 3 Philips Norelco features

Aquatec Technology

Philips’ first bonus is the aquatec technology that comes as standard with its shavers. This not only allows the shaver to – like many of its fellow shavers, such as the Remington XR1370 or the Braun Series 7 790cc – give wet and dry shaves, but it also means that the shaver is actually 100% waterproof.

This doesn’t only mean that you won’t get a shock if you accidentally drop it in the sink or the bath. Nor does it simply mean that you can achieve a wet shave without having to turn to a razor blade.

Its biggest implication is that it can be rinsed in its entirety under running water. Cleaning is, therefore, as easy as a quick dunk.

Dual Precision Shaving System

Philips Norelco AT830 electric shaver waterproof 300x199Many shavers have found it difficult to adapt to the contours of the face – with limited flexibility and contour adaption, many leave the face irritated, cut and with a few stray hairs. However, Philips’ DualPrecision cuts both longer hair and short stubble, its flexing heads adapting automatically to every curve of your face and neck.

This Dual Precision incorporates Super Lift & Cut, a technology that lifts hairs that lie level, cutting perfectly even in trouble areas.

PowerTouch charging

The charging unit for this shaver is on a par with many higher-end products: not only does it promise a full charge in only one hour, delivering 50 minutes of shave time, it also incorporates a Quick Charge.

Like the Braun Series 7 790cc, the Quick Charge is invaluable.

It’s only too often that shavers die mid-shave, leaving the user to scramble for an alternative, praying that half an hour plugged in will allow enough battery juice to cut the last few hairs. However, the Norelco 4500 (AT830 Model) only needs three minutes’ charging to accumulate enough power to finish a shave.

Pure magic, and faster than most Quick Charge cycles, too.

The full run-down


  • Philips Norelco AT830 electric shaver precision trimmer 300x300A quicker-than-quick Quick Charge option for a dead battery
  • 0 to fully-charged in just one hour
  • 100% waterproof Aquatec design that allows both wet shaving and easy cleaning
  • DualPrecision shaving system that adapts to the contours of the face and cuts both long hair and short stubble
  • SuperLift & Cut technology that picks up even flat or level-lying hairs and cuts them at the base, delivering the closest of shaves
  • Pivoting heads that offer both speed and comfort
  • Detailed taming with pop-up trimmer – perfect for moustaches, goatees, beards and sideburns
  • Cheap replacement blades that are easy to install and use


  • Full battery charge cycle is only 50 minutes, compared to the industry standard of one hour
  • The shaver is quite bulky – which can be a little cumbersome
  • Rather lacking in features – no battery meter, for example
  • The shaver cannot be used whilst plugged in


The bottom line – a little better than what you pay for

The price tag of this shaver is incredibly low, which places it in the lower to mid-range bracket. Bearing this in mind, the shaver is exceptional value for money – it does what it says on the tin and does it effortlessly.

However, the big drawback with the Norelco AT830 is the lack of an extremely important feature, in my opinion. There is no LED display warning you that you’re ten minutes away from a charging crisis, there is no self-cleaning dock, and there is little in the way of visible features to put it in a league of its own, aesthetics-wise.

Having said this, it’s not expensive and it’s good at what it does – it’s worth every penny.

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