Review of the Revitol Hair Removal Cream

Revitol Hair removal Cream Review

I've never met a men with a lot of body hair who was happy about it. Some of us will accept it and get on with their life but many are conscious about having too much body hair and would like to do something about it.

Let's face it, the truth is that no one likes to have too much of a hairy body. It does not look good and it makes us feel uncomfortable. One option we can look at is having it removed with Revitol Hair Removal Cream.

Will Revitol Hair Removal Really Work For You?

Undoubtedly, the market is flooded with different types of hair removal treatments, not just for women, but for men as well. Tweezers, hair removal creams, wax and shaving kits are some of the most common ways to remove unwanted body hair.

Even though the results are clean, the effects of these methods are very short-term and you'll have to go over the same procedure over and over again every few days. Now that is something that annoys us all. Isn’t it? So what is the solution?

Well, at the other end of the spectrum, laser hair removal is something that does work and has a long-term effect. However it does not work as well on everyone, depending on your skin tone. Moreover this procedure is extremely painful and quite expensive too.

Another alternative, which seems to place itself between the two extremes in terms of long term results, is Revitol Hair Removal Cream. This was found to be enormously effective and popular among men of all ages, who want to get rid of unwanted hair.

Revitol hair removing cream claims to be the ideal solution for men aspiring to get smooth and hairless skin. In this post, we’ve tried to review all the aspects of this product to help you get the entire picture and eventually make the best decision.

Who are Revitol?

A trusted name in beauty and healthcare, this brand was founded in the year 2002 and is a member of the Natural Products Association.

The company makes use of the latest technological advancements in the field of health care and finest ingredients from around the world to provide excellent quality products that deliver value to its customers.

What Is Revitol Hair Removal Cream?

The Revitol Hair Removal Cream is a product designed to help you get smooth and hairless skin, without having to go through painful waxing and shaving experiences ever gain. It not just helps you get rid of unwanted hair, but also prevents the adverse effect of razor burns, waxing and tweezing.

The product is completely safe and can be applied to any part of the body, where you want to go hairless. The gentle formula used to make the product will leave your skin moistened and hair free. The biggest advantage is that it is a painless procedure and prepared with all kinds of skin-essential nutrients.

After applying this product, you will notice a silky smooth sensation produced on the upper surface of your skin. This natural cream is made from the extracts of fused herbs, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. People who have used this product consistently have reported that the product makes the hair finer, while suppressing the overall re-growth of hair.

How Does It Work?

Revitol Hair Removal Cream is basically an advanced hair vanishing cream, which eliminates unwanted hair from your body painlessly, while giving the required nourishment to the skin. The ingredients used in this product are 100 percent safe and to date no side effects have been reported by any user.

These ingredients create a natural protective barrier and provide pro-vitamin and anti-oxidants to the skin for complete nourishment. These natural bioactive plant extract seep into the hair follicle suppressing the follicle growth site.

However, even though the product is made from natural ingredients, it may not be suitable for every skin type. In order to prevent allergies and skin irritation, it’s advised to test the product on a small area first, preferably on your wrist. It's also suggested not to apply the product twice on the same skin area within a 24 hour time frame.

Revitol hair removal cream works to gently remove hair from its follicle bulb. It leaves the skin silky and baby soft because it also works to exfoliate the skin. The bioactive ingredients present in the unique blend of plant extracts made use of in preparing the cream seep into the hair-free follicle and naturally reduce the hair shaft at the growth site of the follicle.

This causes the hair to become thinner as well as finer over a period of one to four months. Many people have reported stoppage of hair growth with continued application.

Ingredients and How To Use

The Revitol hair removal cream is manufactured using a number of natural ingredients including aloe vera, glycerin, water, chamomile extract, pro-vitamin anti-oxidant complex, willow bark, hydrolyzed milk protein, licorice extract and green tea extract, among others.

Revitol can be used on many areas of the body including scalp, face, chest, neck, back, arms, legs, bikini area and underarms. The first step in using Revitol is to do a patch test at each new body area with an evenly applied thin layer of the cream using a spatula. Leave the cream on the test area for a period of 5 to 7 minutes.

The cream should be applied (avoid rubbing) and removed within the specified patch test time limits. When removing the hair, wipe off excess cream with paper towel or soft tissue by following an upward motion. You should not use soap, but rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after hair removal and pat the skin dry.

There is no need to precondition the skin or bathe before using Revitol, however, when applying on sensitive areas you must monitor every minute. If you experience tingling, you must immediately remove the cream. If the hair does not come out even after keeping the cream for 7 to 10 minutes, then get ready to remove it anyway. You should not leave the cream on the skin for more than 15 minutes.

Also, make sure to leave a time-window of at least 24 hours in between applications.

Now look at how Thomas removes his armpit hair using Revitol!

What Are People Saying About Revitol Hair Removal Cream?

It’s always important to research a bit before spending your hard earned money on any product to know about the pros and cons before buying. In this section, we’ve made the work a bit simpler for you.

After testing it ourselves and going through customer reviews from different review sites we found overwhelming positive reviews about the product.

Pros and Cons Of Revitol Hair Removing Cream

We have listed what we think are the pros and cons of the product based on the results we've seen through our use and also the reviews we encountered online.


• It is easy to use and painless

• It contains 100 percent natural ingredients; there are no side effects

• Suitable for sensitive areas too. It can be used on any part of the body; both women and men can use it safely to
remove unwanted hair

• In addition to getting rid of unwanted hair, Revitol cream moisturizes the skin
and makes it soft as well as glowing

• Often, one application is enough to remove the hair as it seeps into the skin

• It is odorless

• A cheap alternative to expensive laser treatment, electrolysis, etc.


• Some customers feel that Revitol is priced higher when compared with other hair removal creams

• According to some customers, the cream has not been very effective on thicker or stronger hair as it is on softer hair

• Require seven to fifteen minutes of application time

Is This the Best Hair Removal Cream For You?

As we already mentioned there are number of cosmetic procedures like Laser hair removal and electrolysis that you can use to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. These methods, however are very expensive and may not fit the bill for everyone. So, if you're seeking the best hair removal cream for men at an affordable price, then you should really give Revitol a try.

It is completely natural and can be easily applied to any part of the body, without giving any side effects. Revitol is one of the top rated hair removing cream for men available in the market today.

A Step above the Rest

This is more than a hair removal product; it is in fact a skin care cream that not only nourishes and moisturizes your skin, but also protects it from the bad effects of free radicals as it is rich in antioxidants.

Revitol hair removal cream is an advanced hair inhibitor system and is a 100 percent pain-free as well as effective. It is easy to use and works equally well on women and men. It safe to use anywhere on your body and only one application is required. The cream will be quickly absorbed and unwanted hair removed without any pain.

It is probably the best alternative to costly laser treatments and electrolysis and eliminates the need to shave regularly, wax or use tweezers. More than anything else, Revitol contains natural ingredients and therefore there are no side effects.

All these factors have contributed to make Revitol one of the most popular hair removal products available in the market today.

Final Thoughts

For the price you pay, Revitol provides great value. There are no side effects as it is made of natural ingredients. If you use the hair removal cream as directed, you should get the desired results.

Many customer reviews have indicated that they achieved satisfactory results after using Revitol. At the end of the day, however no product is perfect for everyone. Although, there have been a number of people who’ve had some amazing results by using this cream, there are people who are not entirely satisfied with its results. Reports of burns and its ineffectiveness have also been seen online.

Since the cream may not be compatible with each and every individual’s skin, the manufacturers advise on conducting a patch test before using it on large areas of skin. If there is a burning sensation, then people need to proceed with caution.

While relying on other people’s comments and our reviews is one way of judging this product, given the very reasonable price point, the best way to see if this works for you is to try it on yourself see the results you get. For all you know, this product may be the best hair removal cream for you.

It is available in 4 ounce tubes, and you can find it also online. Check out reviews, availability and prices on Amazon.

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  1. Just make sure you follow the instructions when applying the cream. Leaving it on for too long can burn and irritate your skin.

    1. Agreed. You should alway read the instructions carefully when applying hair removal creams on your skin, be it Revitol or any other brand. Especially take note of how long to keep it on your skin and also which areas to avoid. I also suggest to test a small patch of skin before applying the cream on the whole area.

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