Review of Wahl Groom Pro Haircut Kit 79520-3101

Today’s man takes grooming to a whole new level and if, like me, your body resembles that of our Neanderthal grandfathers, then you really need to spend a lot of time on your grooming sessions.

This is why I wanted to review the Wahl Groom Pro Haircut Kit #79520-3101 since it offers a range of grooming products within one kit. So basically with a few dollars you get everything you need to be enable you to complete a total head-to-toe body grooming in one session.

In this Wahl Groom Pro review we will look at this clipper and Trimmer set duo (both come in the box) that will allow you to trim shorter buzz-cut hairstyles, trim or shave facial hair, and even trim body hair.

The entire kit is contained within a durable black carrying case which even comes with a handle. Yep you can actually carry it around like a briefcase if you wanted to!


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What’s included in the box

The kit box comes with 24 different pieces. It includes the cordless trimmer and multi-cut corded clippers, a clipper blade guard and a trimmer blade guard, two barber hair combs, a cleaning brush, motor oil, 12 different styling clipper combs, and instructions manual with a styling guide (in colour)



  • Brand: Wahl
  • Self Sharpening High Carbon Steel Blades for durability
  • Corded Clippers with 9 size combs
  • Cordless Trimmers (works using 2 AA batteries) with 2 size combs
  • Left and Right Ear Taper
  • Rubberized handling grip
  • Product Dimension: 3 x 7.5 x 10 inches; Weight 2.2 pounds


The most noticeable advantage of the Wahl Groom Pro Haircut Kit #79520-3101 is the fantastic quality you get for the price of the product. Apart from the fact that you are getting both a clipper and a detail trimmer within the same package, the features making up both products are backed up by the standard Wahl Quality.

The blades built within the Wahl Groom Pro are made from high carbon steel. These types of blades will stay sharper for longer than most other types of clipper or trimmer brands and the material is durable enough to withstand the test of time for various years.

The larger clippers have a PowerDrive heavy duty motor that provides strong power which is however still safe for most types of hair. In fact both the trimmer and the clippers will work well also on thick wiry ethnic hair.

In the durable carry box the product comes in you will find 9 different size combs of the following sizes: 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″. So these guide combs will accommodate a variety of head and body hair lengths.

The Wahl Groom Pro have a rubber grip which allows more comfort and control when working with the clippers and prevent the Clippers fwahl-groom-pro-haircut-kit-79520-3101-trimmingrom slipping from your hand. So no matter how you have to contort your arm to get to those hard to reach places you know you can trust your grip.

While the clippers are corded and thankfully Wahl provides a very long cord which
allows room for flexibility, the accompanying trimmer runs on batteries, so you can pop it into your luggage for wherever you go.

The detail trimmer takes two different types of combs: the 1/4 inch and the 3/8 inch combs. The smaller size is perfect for quick touch-ups or trimming your sideburns, moustache, or around the neck. The larger comb is ideal to trim shorter men’s hair styles, or for total body grooming.



The The Wahl Groom Pro is made for us on US electrical outlets only and therefore will only work in the USA and Canada. The clippers are therefore not suitable for international use.

As with most Wahl products, the price you pay for the heavy duty motor inside the clippers is weight and noise. These clippers are louder than average and while in use they tend to vibrate quite heavily which can be tiring on your hand in the long run.

While the Wahl website states that the blade guards are made from a hard plastic material, they don’t really feel like they are of a high quality. They do get the job done however their durability might be questionable.

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Wahl Groom Pro Review – Verdict

For such an inexpensive home hair cutting kit, the Wahl Groom Pro Haircut Kit #79520-3101 is a very well presented product with a colourful and retro look , and which has the features of the more high range and expensive clippers.

The Clippers are easy to use and come equipped with all of the Combs you could really need and the trimmer that are included in the set will allow you to finish up right.

Even the fact that it comes in a compact and durable transport case show us that even though Wahl did not over-price the product, it still ensured the quality was their in every aspect.



The company has always been recommended for its products, its customer service and it therefore has a reputation to uphold.

No wonder one of the Wahl Hair Clippers is rates the best Clippers for value in our Top 5 Clipper Review list.

The user reviews for the Wahl Groom Pro Body Grooming Kit are very favourable, with an average of 4,5 stars. At the end of the day you have a Wahl branded machine which has been and still is on the forefront when it comes to Barber Clippers. Ask any barber out there!


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