The benefits of Shea butter in Skin Care

shea butter in skin care

Women need to understand how to treat the skin gently and effectively, we’re contending with the ozone layer, the environment and the natural aging process. If a woman cleanses properly, moisturizes and exfoliates gently, she can have healthier skin for a long time to come.

Shea Butter is the latest Trend and an Alternative to Cocoa Butter

Among the many new trends, cocoa butter remains a staple in ethnic skin care, as well as across the board. Cocoa butter has long been touted for its moisturizing, protective and anti-stretch mark qualities.

Shea butter imparts similar benefits as cocoa butter, and its easy absorption into the skin makes it applicable for both face and body.

  • Shea butter absorbs easily into the skin, has good emolliency and helps calm irritated skin,
  • Shea butter has been used since written history to heal a variety of skin ailments
  • Shea can help moisturize areas of the body that tend to look ashy due to dryness. When skin is dry and there are dead skin cells on the surface, the skin not only feels dry, but looks it. Any skin will react this way, but generally, the dryness shows up more on darker-toned skin.

The Shea nut has been used for centuries, according to Dr Hegi from The Skin Society. “The Shea tree is also called the “tree of life” The reason for this is that the butter has historically been used for a number of purposes. In today’s formulations, it makes for a lasting, lightweight, non-watery product that is extremely beneficial to the skin.”

Utilizing Shea butter as a multi-purpose ingredient is a definite trend. More and more companies are researching the benefits of this ingredient. It’s a more natural but extremely effective way to address common skin concerns. Shea butter products are going to be around for a long, long time.

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