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The Best Babyliss Hair Clippers

Babyliss is usually associated with women’s hair styling products but they produce quite decent Hair Clippers for men also.  

On a side note, it must be the most misspelled brand name out there. Just in case you’re wondering the most common misspellings are Baby Bliss Hair Clippers, Babylis Hair Clippers and even Babybliss hair clippers.

I won’t deny that I’ve been guilty of completely butchering the brand name a few times in the past myself, after all, it’s French so it’s expected to be difficult, right?

Anyway back to the point. I must admit that this French Brand has some very decent Hair Clippers within its range of products. Let’s see which are the top Babyliss Hair Clipper Models.

Babyliss has a wide range of hair cutters in its product catalogue. They are all considered professional hair clippers and or beard trimmers.

The models from the PRO series form the basis of their hair clipper fleet of products and according to the Babyliss website, they are designed to meet the special requirements of hair cutting professionals.

Let’s see which features of the Babyliss Hairclipper makes them unique.

Gradually adjustable Motor

At the heart of the Babyliss clippers is the engine. The cutting performance will obviously depend on the motor’s strength. In this aspect, Babyliss has shown to be at the forefront of the hair clipper industry.

The manufacturer gives great importance to motor performance in every hair cutting product it releases on the market, and our reviews of their products have always confirmed this.

The power is, however only one aspect of their motor. Another advantage of the Babyliss patented clipper motor is the engine management system. This means the motor automatically adjusts the cutting performance of the clipper shaft to allow for an optimum cut.

Precision Lever for accurate Cutting

Babyliss hair cutters have a lateral adjustment lever that, when combined with the attachable clipper guards, allow for up to 50 different lengths on certain models.

Corded vs Cordless 

Most devices from Babyliss, are available both cordless and corded. For a full understanding of the pros and cons of corded vs cordless read this post.

The rechargeable battery all have a quick charge function, which however still takes 90 minutes to fully charge on most models, and will give you an operating time of approximately 45 minutes. This is probably the worst feature of the Babyliss products.

All in all, Babyliss hair clippers can easily compete with the best of brands and are perfectly suitable for both professional use in a hairdressing salon or barber but also for private home use.

We’ve gone ahead and reviewed a few and identified our top three models in the Babyliss range of hair clippers

BaByliss Pro Volare Clippers

Untitled design

Update: The Babyliss Volare Trimmers have been discontinued. These models have been replaced by the Babyliss Pro Barberology FX3 Collection. We haven’t yet reviewed these ourselves. For more information you can check reviews from Amazon customers, here.

The Babyliss Pro Volare actually comes in two versions,  which are basically a standard and a deluxe model.

volareblack and red clippers babyliss

The BaByliss Pro Volare X1 Clipper may be the basic version of this model but I assure you that it packs a very serious motor.

 This clipper is extremely powerful and comfortable to handle. The rubberized casing of the product allows for a solid grip and the box comes with various comb attachments for different lengths.

The Pro Volare X1 is a cordless hair clipper and comes with its own charging stand.

The battery power is not the best feature of this Hair cutting machine. In fact, a full charge will only give you around 60 minutes of use, and that’s at the lower speed setting.

Speed setting, you say?

Yes that’s tight, unlike many other hair clippers, the Babyliss Pro Volare doesn’t just have the on and off button but the motor can run on three different speed settings.

Like most hair clipper brands, this one also comes with a lubricating oil for the blades and a hair brush to clean the hair from the clippers.

Now ,the Pro Volare X1 is a good Clipper, but the people at Babyliss really wanted to push the limits with the Volare range and so they came out with the second version. A F1 branded version, which is the X2 Volare Ferrari Clipper.

Let’s take a look at this beauty.

BaByliss Pro X2 Professional Ferrari Clipper

babyliss pro X2 hair clippers ferrari
Untitled design

Update: The BabylissPro X2 hair clippers have been discontinued. These models have been replaced by the Babyliss Pro GOLDFX Collection. We haven’t yet reviewed these ourselves. For more information you can check reviews from Amazon customers, here.

If you want a hair cutting device with extra class then this is the product for you. It can be described as a high-tech piece of jewellery.

This Hair clipper is a product of the cooperation between Babyliss and Ferrari, which as everyone knows has world class designers amongst their ranks.

The Volare Professional Ferrari Hair Clipper combines the quality and performance of the Ferrari brand with the excellent product development of Babyliss PRO. This hair cutting machine is absolute power and guarantees the most precise cut.

The design is not only beautiful but also effective, which means that it allows for comfortable handling of the clippers.

Unlike other Babybliss hair clippers ..ooops sorry, I meant Babyliss hair clippers, this particular model has an extremely long battery life once it is fully charged.

What amazes me is that the battery life capability does not compromise motor power. On the contrary the motor’s power is above average compared to other Hair clippers.

If you’ve previously used only corded hair clippers because you always wanted full power, then with the Pro X2, this is not a sacrifice you will need to make. Using these Hair Clippers in cordless mode will still guarantee optimal motor performance and power.

The X2 Volare has really set new standards in professional haircutting machine industry.

Here are some technical data on the Babyliss PRO FX 811 E X2 Hair Cutting Machine:

  • Long life (up to 10,000 hours of operation)
  • MaxLifePro engine technology
  • Comfort, ergonomics, power and light weight
  • LED display for an exact indication of the available power
  • Li PO battery, the engine provides a high torque with extremely powerful performance
  • Blade movement of 6300 per minute, which means even the thickest of hair will not give this machine any problems.
  • New ergonomic concept for pleasant work
  • Anti-vibration feature
  • Shear head cut lengths adjustable to 4 positions (0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2.0 mm)
  • Includes 8 attachments (3/6/10/13/16/19/22/25 mm)

Click here to check out more details, customer reviews and prices available for the BaByliss PRO X2 Ferrari.

​And to conclude here’s a cool video clip from BaByliss themselves.

Now you wouldn’t expect a clipper with all these unique features to be cheap, and in fact it’s not. As far as clippers go, it’s at the higher end of the price range unfortunately.

So, if cost is a very important factor for you, compared to the benefits it offers, then you’d probably be better off going for a different, and cheaper model like the ones below.

Now that we’ve seen our number one recommended Babyliss clipper, let’s take a quick look at the 2 runners up.

BaByliss LoPRO Rechargeable Trimmer

No products found.

This clipper has a 45mm ceramic blade with titanium carbon coating, and that’s as good as they get.

Typical of the Babyliss brand, this model has a two speed motor which runs at either 6500 rpm or at a faster 8500 rpm. Therefore there’s a very powerful motor under the hood, yet the clipper did not vibrate as much as I expected, given this monster of a motor.

This was pretty surprising and allowed for a more comfortable cut.

Now, one excellent feature about this model of clipper is that you don’t need to play around with different guard attachments to get the cut length you want. In fact, the Babyliss FX670 comes with a 5-position adjustable switch from where you can adjust the blade length to different sizes ranging from 0.8mm to 2.8mm.

This is a rechargeable clipper which means it can be used without a cord. There’s a very cool LED light which indicates the charging time and the package comes complete with its own charging stand.

It takes around 70 minutes for a full charge and this will give you approximately 60 minutes of operating use. This is definitely not it’s best feature!

When you buy the Babyliss PRO you also get a travel back in the box, a cleaning brush and a lubricating oil, which is pretty standard in most Hair Clippers nowadays.

babyliss pro rechargeable trimmer black

The technology behind this clipper is quite unique. The combination of its ceramic blade and titanium/carbon comb allows for a reduction in friction while in operation. This results in a very precise cut and guarantees that there will be no pulling of the hairs.

BaBylissPRO FX880E High-Frequency Pivot Motor Clipper

Untitled design

Update: The BabylissPro FX880E hair clippers have been discontinued. These models have been replaced by the Babyliss Pro BlackFX Metal Collection. We haven’t yet reviewed these ourselves. For more information you can check reviews from Amazon customers, here.

BaBylissPRO FX880E High Frequency Pivot Motor Clipper

This corded hair clipper convinced me at first sight. It has a fantastic retro style to it and looks really good wherever you put it. The advantages of this model do not stop here however.

This bullish, strong hair cutting machine comes in a high quality metal frame with ripples on the edges for a strong grip. The solid grip allows for easy handling which is a plus for any Pivot Motor Clipper.

The cutting length can be adjusted by means of an adjusting lever to 5 different levels, from about 1.0mm to 3.5mm. In addition to that the unit comes with 8 Slide-on clipper guards which can tailor for hair cuts of up to 19mm.

That’s a total combination of 45 possible cutting heights!

The high frequency vibration motor will produce approximately 90000 revs per minute. Unfortunately, however, this model does not have a cordless option.

The good thing is that the cord that comes attached to it is a 3 meter professional cable, so you will not be limited in movement.

This is truly a Professional hair clipper that would be suitable for any hairdressing salon or barber, but if you’re looking to get a high-quality cut from the comfort of your own home then the Babyliss Pro FX880E is an option you should consider.

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