The Best Clippers for Fades

andis best hair clippers for fades

The fade haircut is getting more popular these days, with the more adventurous of us getting also all types of designs in their hair. For this type of cut however you will need adequate fade clippers. Today we're going to review the following 3 which in our opinion are the best clippers for fades.

  1. Andis Professional Hair Trimmer
  2. Oster Classic 76
  3. Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip

These machines will surely help you get the job done.

Rather than just profile one specific brand of hair clippers, we want to give you an in-depth look at the three biggest brands of fading barber clippers on the market.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers for Fades

When looking for hair clippers that can help you get a fade cut at home, it is important that you find a product able to deliver a fade without any irritation to the skin, since it can get to be a very close shave.

Another important aspect to look out for is the grip and weight of the clipper to ensure it allows for easy handling. Fades take skill with the hand, and it is important that you can work with the handle on the razor itself, giving you total control.

You will need specific fading clippers because these come with the sharpest of blades, known as “fade blades” that allow for a more precise cut and tapering.​

best clippers for fades

The blades should also allow for different sizes which are close enough to ensure for minor differences in lengths, especially if you're gouing for the "1-2-3 Technique" of fade cuts. ​

When it comes to any type of clippers, it is going to benefit you to purchase from a reliable source. With any product that uses blades and is going on the face and hair, you want to make sure that it is safe.

The thing with mainstream brands is that you can be assured that they are never going to hurt you. They also have fantastic customer service that they can afford to do.

Review of the 3 Best Clippers for Fades

We've gone though various hair clippers and boiled it down to three which we think will help you get the the best result. Having said this, we do have our preferred model, which we consider to be the best hair clipper for fades.

This is the Andis Professional Hair Trimmer with T-Blade. Let's see why.

Andis Professional Hair Trimmer

The Andis brand makes professional hair trimmers that are meant to last, and this model is no exception.

The Andis Professional Hair Trimmer, comes already well-oiled from the factory.

These hair cutting machines are tested for power and cutting ability so you can be assured that they are top notch before they leave the factory.

This model of clippers is ideal to for dry shaving, not wet shaving, and is housed in a contour way to provide a very high-speed motor and flexible shave.

In our opinion the Andis professional hair cutter is a cut above its competitors for fade cuts, because of two reasons;

The outer aluminium casing which is durable and enables you to get a good comfortable grip. This is important especially when doing fades since you will need to align it properly to the sculp.

A second advantage of the Master clipper is its side lever which is extremely handy and allows for a more gradual change in blade length when compared to other clippers.

This is ideal for fades since you can easily switch between blade lengths in a more streamlined manner.

The blade on the inside of this device is a close-cutting T blade trimmer. This is ideal for creating fades and designs in the hair.

The magnetic motor is quiet and makes sure that whoever is getting their hair cut feels comfortable.

The Andis Professional Hair Trimmer is also ideal for trimming necks, beards, and mustaches, and any edges that you may want around the ears.

In our opinion this is overall, the best hair clipper for fades.​

Check out our full reviews of the Andis Master Hair Clipper and the Andis T-Outliner Clipper/Trimmer.

Andis Master Hair Clipper - Review Summmary

A very versatile clipper that performs well in every aspect, and is by far the best barber clippers for fades.

  • Ultra durable, aluminium body that allows for a good grip .
  • Carbon-coated stainless steel T-blades which allow for the most precise cuts
  • Extremely strong motor which runs at 14,000 SPM.
  • The clipper has a strong vibration when in use which tends to loosen the screws over time. (however these can be easily tightened with a  normal screwdriver)
andis fade clipper review

Overall Rating

Motor Power


Ease of Use

The runner up in the 'best clippers for fades' race is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip . Let's face it, you cannot review hair clippers without mentioning this brand. Leo J. Wahl invented the very first hand-held electric clipper, and they are the pioneers in this sector.

Wahl is one of the leading competitors of products for barbers and hairdressers, as they have reasonably priced products that are very durable.

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip has been intended for professional use however the price is easily affordable by home users. It can deliver a sharp performance for experts.

This hair clipper has the famous Wahl fade blades that can cut without any overlap. This ensures the best fade cuts possible.

The machine runs on a V9000 motor, which is Wahl's most powerful motor. To give you an idea, that's 50% more powerful than clippers of the standard grade.

There is a thumb lever that is easy to adjust with one finger, so you can change the texture and taper without constantly changing blades.

The package includes the clipper itself plus 8 attachment combs so you can customize how deep the fade you want. Unfortunately, this is a corded machine, however, it features an 8’ professional grade chord that allows you to move it around comfortably while cutting hair.

Wahl 5-Star Magic Clipper - Review Summmary

The 5-star is aptly named as it is considered one of the best all-round hair clippers on the market.

This machine ensures heavy-duty operation and the greatest power out there.

  • Comes with a special 'Fade Blade'.
  • Monster V9000 Motor.
  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Corded
  • Difficult to clean

Overall Rating

Motor Power


Ease of Use

Our other runner up for 'best hair clipper for fades' is the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper. Along with the previous two, Oster is well known among the barbering community. They are more of a high-end brand, creating products with a more expensive price tag.

The Classic 76 from Oster is very powerful and it runs on a single speed universal pivot motor which is ideal for heavy-duty use and can run all day long.  This motor is not as powerful as that of  the previously reviewed clippers, however it still provides enough power for a quality fade haircut.

These clippers have stainless steel blades, which means they are durable and allow for a precise cut. The blades are detachable for easy cleaning and swapping out, and come in two sizes: 000 and 1.

On top of the blades and the clipper itself, this set comes with a blade guard for added protection, and clipper grease to keep it running smoothly.

To ensure a prime clean cut, it also comes with lubricating oil and a cleaning brush.

This machine is durable and is housed in a break-resistant casting. Similar to the Wahl, this clipper is corded and comes with a 9’ power cord, longer than most on the market today. This allows a bit of flexibility in movement and more control over the cut.

The advantage of the Oster Classic 76, over the Andis Master and the Wahl 5-Star is that it does not heat up as much as the other two, and it's also a bit lighter. 

The Fast Feed is also extremely quiet compared to other hair clippers.

Oster Classic 76  - Review Summmary

A light clipper with stainless steel blades that allow for a better performance on thicker hair.

  • Very Quiet and does not heat up
  • Relatively Light compared to other hair clippers.
  • Lubricates well.
  • Motor not as powerful as the Wahl or the Andis.
  • Corded.
Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper best for fades review

Overall Rating

Motor Power


Ease of Use

How to Fade Hair with Clippers

Everyone has their own way of cutting hair and fading someone’s hair. When it comes to purchasing hair clippers, it is important to find one that fits in with your personal preferences.

Write down exactly what you want, including what price you’re willing to spend, and buy the one that fits.

This is just a guide to point you in the right direction, but all three of the hair clippers reviewed above will enable a precise fade cut. As always, the final result will then depend on the talent of the person holding the clippers.

Take a look at the following video  which shows how to fade hair with clippers the correct way using these newly crowned best fade clippers​

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