The Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper Review


Today we are reviewing the Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper. One of the main reasons for this review, is that this Philips Norelco product is one of the most affordable options on the market today.

With any product at this price point, we want to make sure it does not sacrifice a lot of features or quality, just to give you a cheaper price. However, with a name like Philips Norelco, there is no reason to worry.

For years, they have been one of the most iconic men’s grooming brands on the market today. They create high-quality products at affordable pricing. Since they are a larger company, they also have great customer service that is definitely easy to get in touch with, in case a product is not up to your satisfaction.

Philips Norelco have set the standard with their products, so we have high hopes that this specific model is going to live up to expectations as is the case for the others in the Norelco range.

Features of the Norelco HC7451/41 7100

The Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 has the ability to run on cordless power due to the lithium-ion battery that comes included in it. With the battery is a built-in turbo boost for a high quality and efficient shave.

The blades on this design are made out of titanium, making sure they are durable and are going to pass the test of time. It also comes with adjustable combs that allow you to customize your look depending on the length you want to trim with; this is a must for any hair clipper that you want to buy. Without adjustable lengths, you won’t be able to stylize your facial hair to your satisfaction.

This Hair Clipper 7100 has been built to give you the trim you’ve always wanted.

Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper Review


  • Precision Trimmer
  • Customizable
  • Extremely Long Battery Life
  • Easily Adjust length with quick adjust dial.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Very Well Priced


  • Not many additional items come in the box
  • Guard can be too bulky

Overall Rating

The battery

As stated before the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 comes with a lithium-ion battery that can provide 120 minutes of cordless use after charging for just one hour. This is one of the best batteries on the market today by far.

Sometimes it takes a razor up to 8 hours to charge to just last for a 45 minute shaving session, let alone 120 minutes. This definitely will help you if you are out on the road and forget to pack your charger.

At the same time however, it is able to be used while corded, for that additional boost just in case it is running low. This ensures that you will never be stuck mid-shave and have to wait for it to charge, avoiding major embarrassment if you are in a hurry.

There is a button on the device called a “turbo boost.” This increases the cutting speed of the blades, so you can get a quicker shave, and it even works on really thick hair.

Powerful and fast

The Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 can cut through any hair type because of the DualCut technology that it runs on. This combines a double sharpened cutting tool with low friction engineering. This cuts air twice as fast as the regular Philips Norelco brand allowing you to get up, get shaved and get on your way.

We all know time is money, and because of this technology you will be saving money.

Length settings

As we mentioned before, customization is everything when it comes to purchasing a razor. Right now, you may want to have a clean-shaven look but in a few months, you might decide you want a shortly trimmed goatee. It constantly changes, and your fashion is going to be changing as well, so you need all of that customization.

The Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 comes with one adjustable comb that has all of the length settings you need to ensure a cut up to your satisfaction. You can choose between 23 length settings, stretching from 1mm to 23mm, making sure there is a size for whatever beard type you desire.

If you want to use the razor without the comb, that is fine too, and it offers you the closest .5mm shave that the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 has to offer. With all of these options, you can go from having a 5 o’clock shadow, to a full-length trimmed beard, to a clean-shaven look, all within a matter of months! Test it out and see what look works best for you!

Many of these sets come with oil to keep the blades well lubricated and working up to your satisfaction, but not with the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100. These blades are specially made to self-oil themselves, so maintenance is a breeze. This saves you even more time, and ensures they always work like new.

The Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 is also water resistant and can easily be cleaned under a running facet; this is definitely needed to avoid any unwanted little hairs after a shaving session.


Before purchasing a trimmer or hair clippers, do your research and figure out a price point that is going to work best for you. 

If you are trying to work within a small budget, then the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 is definitely one of the best, cheapest options on the market today. It comes with everything you need in a razor, including total customization of your bearded look. We strongly feel this product deserves to be bought.

Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper Review



Value for Money

Overall Rating

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