The Wahl Elite Pro Review

The Wahl Elite Pro Review

With so many brands of Hair Clippers on the market that range in price and features, it can be quite difficult to choose which one is best for your needs, however you can never go wrong with Wahl and in this post we review one of their most popular models, the Wahl Elite Pro.

Wahl Elite Pro Review - Summary

A complete Hair Cutting Kit with quality accessories, that includes 10 different size combs allowing for various style of cuts.

The Wahl Elite Pro is ideal for those who want to make a safe and durable purchase


  • Very Strong Motor
  • Solid and well built
  • Robust Clipper Guards of various Lengths (Wahl's high-end steel combs)
  • Well equipped Hair cutting Kit.
  • Easy to Use


  • Not Cordless.
  • Difficult to Clean.
  • Feels Heavy
  • Does not have left and right ear tapers
Wahl elite pro review box summary

Overall Rating



Value for Money

Before we get to the main product, let’s talk about this brand.

The Brand - Wahl

There are many types of grooming products developed from big companies such as Remington, Philips and Panasonic, each offering high-tech devices at competitive pricing, but when it comes to Hair Clippers, there is only one name that really stick out above the rest, and that is Wahl.

Leo J. Wahl who founded the company in 1919 was also the original inventor of the electric hair Clipper and therefore the Wahl brand has been around for quite some time with it's range of heavy-duty, old school type clippers that are always of top professional quality.

The company manufactures high-quality professional hair devices for both professionals at work, and those that need a hair cutting device for personal home use.

The Product - Wahl Elite Pro Haircutting Kit

The Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit, is currently one of their most popular kits. It is equipped with a lot of features to ensure maximum customization when it comes to trimming and cutting your hair.

Now the domestic hair clippers industry is largely dominated by the Wahl brand. With some of the most popular models being the Wahl Color Pro and the Wahl Chrome Pro deluxe haircut kit we’ve reviewed and compared here.

The With the Elite Pro model, however, has really taken it to another level. With a more sturdy casing, more powerful motor and an overall high-end feel to the product. Even the design of the clipper body, with chrome colored contours gives it an elite feel, as the name implies.

The package containing the Wahl Elite pro

The Wahl Elite Pro is equipped with Wahl’s most powerful motor, which is highly durable and ensures that it can cut through even the most thick hair with ease. .

The sturdy motor should ensure it is going to last for a lifetime of great performance.

For many Americans it might be interesting to note that Wahl’s products, including this one, are made entirely in the USA so you are really buying American. This is great because you know it meets a certain standard that you can rely on.

Just holding it in your hands gives you a feel of a serious and durable product. At the cost of being slightly heavier than other Wahl Clipper models, in my opinion the security and durability outweight the disadvantage of the additional weight. It must be noted that most of the increased weight is due to the powerful motor underneath the hood of this hair cutting machine.

As the name suggests, this an Elite Pro product of the Wahl line, meaning it is one of their high end models. All Elite Pro products come with the best warranty that Wahl’s offers, which is for a lifetime.

Yes that's right. Anytime in your life, if this product stops working or becomes defective, Wahl will personally send you a new one. There is a 5-year warranty on the blades themselves, then after that time, these can easily be replaced. 

What you get

Items you will find in the wahl elite pro haircutting kit box set

The Wahl Elite Pro Haircut Kit comes with 21 incredible pieces to make sure you have everything you need to cut hair and cut facial hair.

It comes with the premium multi-cut clipper, a blade guard, 10 guide combs, a large styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, stainless-steel scissors (shears), blade cover for scissors, large nylon barber’s cape, cord wrap, and full instructions.

On top of all of this, it also comes with a premium storage case ensuring that you can take it all on the go if you are moving or changing locations.

Our Review of the Wahl Elite Pro

When looking into purchasing a haircut kit, all professionals will tell you that the blades and motor are the most important aspects to your purchase. This Wahl Elite Pro review will show you that this hair cutting machine excels in both these features.

Wahl elite pro review

The Wahl Elite Pro Blades

Great blades will last a long period of time but also ensure a comfortable and smooth shave.

You also want blades that are going to stay sharp for a long time, and that don’t need to be replaced every few months. Wahl’s guarantee is that you get the best blades possible.

They are self-sharpening and can cut through all types of hair easily and efficiently; they can cut hair 40 percent faster than other leading blades on the market today so it saves you time grooming.

The Motor

The Wahl Elite Pro is also equipped with the best corded motor that Wahl can offer, having 15 percent more power than the Wahl Powerdrive Premium motor.

This ensures there will be no snag while cutting. The downside is that the clipper is not cordless, however with an 8' long cord (2.3 metres), the Elite Pro will allow you maximum flexibility while cutting your hair.

Wahl's Best Guide Combs

A good hair clipper should allow you to customize the length of the cut as required. If there are not many options available to you, then it is going to be useless as you won’t have any customization.

Maybe right now in your life you want to be clean shaven with a buzz cut, but in a few months, you may change your mind and want a different look.

The Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit comes with a variety of guide combs to ensure full customization of the hair.

The different hair clipper guards that come with the Wahl elite pro box set

The combs are made of durable material which means they will last for a very long time. To be precise they are made from a mixture of plastic and stainless steel.

It is also equipped with a Secure Fit attachment to clip on the stainless steel clips. These clips are 70 percent stronger than previous Wahl combs, ensuring that they will last a long time.

All combs come with a large name plate so you can easily see their size and make sure you are picking up the right one. This comes with the complete set of combs with 10 different sizes to choose from.

The wahl elite pro lever will allow you to an additional range of 5 cuts for each different length of clipper guard

The side lever, is one of the strong points of this hair clipper, since it allows you to modulate different cutting positions without even attaching the combs.

Just by moving the lever the machine allows you a range of 5 cuts at 1 mm diffference between each movement. This means that without the combs, you can get a very close hair cut from a minimum of 1 mm to 5 mm.

For the longer lengths you will need to attach the combs which however can also work in combination with the lever, meaning that each comb can have 5 different size level settings, with the maximum length being 25 mm.

The downside​ we found in our review is that the Wahl Elite Pro misses two pieces which in our opinion are quite important. These are the left and right ear tapers. Having said this, you do have the option to but them separately if needed.

Handling and Material

Typical of Wahl classic style, the Elite Pro is made out of solid and well-assembled plastic materials, and even the metal parts leave no doubt as to the robustness of the device, with a well-screwed blade block in the cutting area. 

While this makes the product solid and durable it certainly not make it more manageable. Due to its massive structure and morphology there are not many points of support and a really strong grip is needed to handle the se clippers while cutting the hair.

In the light of this, I feel that this hair clipper may not be ideal for self hair cutting, while it's great if you work with a partner or you're using it for professional hair cutting services.

Wahl Elite Pro Hair Cutting Kit - Review Summary

A complete Hair Cutting Kit with quality accessories, that includes 10 different size combs allowing for various style of cuts.


  • Very Strong Motor
  • Robust Clipper Guards of various Lengths
  • Well equipped Hair cutting Kit.


  • Not Cordless.
  • Difficult to Clean.
  • Heavy

Overall Rating

Easy to Use even for Beginners

The best thing about a professional hair cutting kit like the Wahl Elite Pro is the ease of use. If you're a total beginner this kit is affordable yet it ensures that you're starting out with a complete and sturdy set of tools ... well except for the ear tapers!

The instruction booklet included in the box actually has guides and instructions on how to cut your hair with this machine, with a step by step diagram. It's difficult to go wrong. The booklet even has instructions on how to trim your eyebrows and beard with the Elite Pro.

How's that for a complete package, and let's not forget that you also get a cape for that all-round barber experience!


This Wahl Elite Pro review has clearly shown that the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit, is usually intended for professional barbers and hairdressers, however, many people still buy the entire kit to use in home.

If you want a kit that is going to offer high quality at an affordable price, then this is definitely the one for you. Whether you're a barber, or just because you want to cut hair yourself at home, the Wahl Elite Pro can definitely get the job done.

If you're not convinced with this model take a look at our ​shortlist of top Hair Clippers

Check out other makes and models of Wahl Hair Clippers on our Amazon Quick Search tool below.


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  1. Any idea what to do if my Elite Pro freezes when in a certain orientation? 3/4 upside-down when hitting the upper back of my head and this model started freezing on me during just its second use. Super bummed. I oiled it straight away, as instructed, and it’s not freezing from binding up in hair, it’s definitely the orientation that gets it for some reason. I want to love it, please help! (My previous Wahl lasted many years with zero similar issues).

    1. Hi Andy, this is one issue I never came across to be honest. Your best bet is to contact Wahl directly. What I can say for sure is that you have come across a defective unit, which can happen but I assure you it’s not common with Wahl products. Since you have only recently purchased the product I would return it and ask for a replacement. I’m sure you’ll love this clipper once you get your hands on a new (non-defective) unit.

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